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We’re back with another “Idols You Should Meet” here on New School Kaidan! Take a guess at who this idol is then hit the link below to find out if you’re right and to find out some more information about her.

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Name: Sugamoto Yuko
Born: May 20th, 1994 in Fukuoka prefecture
Team: HKT48, Team H
Nickname: Yukosu
Personality: Mypaced
Weakness: Clumsy and unathletic
Hobbies: Making snacks, cooking, listening to music
Talent: Snare drumming

Oldest member in HKT48.
Learned how to cook from her mom who used to work in a restaurant.
Her oshimen is Miyawaki Sakura.
Likes warm things, dogs, baths, sleeping, cooking, One Piece, shopping, pastel colors, playing pranks, orchestral music, and listening to music.
Played percussion in the school orchestra in middle school.
Likes to touch other members’ cheeks with the top of her hand.
Spends her days off sleeping.
She believes she has difficulty expressing herself through words.
Not good at texting.
Favorite artists: backnumber, GOINGSTEDY, Saito Kazuyoshi.
Favorite AKB theater song is, “Dakishimeraretara”.
Likes small members.


Anthony says: Sugamoto Yuko is one of the first members of HKT48 to stand out to me. She is just absolutely adorable and she is the first HKT48 member to have her own gravure spread. Lets just say she is “gifted” and is great for gravure. Sugamoto is a fantastic cook and has motherly qualities that we all enjoy. What stands out to me besides her looks is that she has a similar aura as Kojima Haruna and Watanabe Miyuki in the “airheaded beauty” sort of way. Although they are three vastly different girls, I think Sugamoto has the potential to fill a role like Kojima and Watanabe are for their respective groups and I am super excited to see her become one of the faces of HKT48 and the world can not find about her soon enough!

Garry says: Initially I was struggling to find reasons to be interested in HKT48, eventually a few of the girls began to catch my eye. One of these girls was Sugamoto Yuko and yes, it was for exactly the reason you’re thinking. Looking past Yukosu’s considerable “assets” you find a very charming girl with a warm personality. She comes across as being very compassionate and forgiving of others and just seems like a very nice person overall. I believe at this point she is the most “successful” member of HKT48 outwith the group although her winning the gene lottery certainly helped her out a good bit with that. I do worry that her gravure work will end up being her defining trait among the more casual of fans but if you manage to look past that you’ll see that she really isn’t that one dimensional.

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