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We’re back with another “Idols You Should Meet” here on New School Kaidan. Take a guess at who this idol is then hit the link below to find out if you’re right and to find out some more information about her.




Name: Shibata Aya
Born: April 1st, 1993 in Aichi Prefecture
Team: SKE48, Team E
Nickname: Aya
Strengths: Serious, straight-laced
Hobbies: Karaoke, reading, little bit of gaming, shopping, doing members’ hair
Talents: Calligraphy, tongue twisters, waking up early


Good friends with Wakabayashi Tomoka.
Took piano, calligraphy and gymnastics lessons.
Speaks French.
Favorite food is mom’s cooking, gum, gummies.
Favorite glowstick/light stick color is white and blue.
Wants to act, be in a band and become a multi-talent.


Anthony says: There really isn’t much information out about Shibata Aya. She’s a straight-laced girl who doesn’t really fool around, make weird faces, be loud, or crack jokes. She’s a good girl. Probably the type that would listen to the teacher quietly without fooling around with fellow students in a class room type setting. A type of girl that all boys in the class find cute but doesn’t stand out because she’s not going to go against the grain or try to stand out. Shibata is someone I REALLY look forward to seeing more of. I think she has a lot of potential and I am excited to see that she is starting to be recognized by management and by fans. You can tell that she needs work on her performance which is fine because one of the best parts of being an idol fan for me is seeing the idols grow as performers and as a personality. I think she definitely has the look to play a bigger role in SKE48 and I think she has the potential to be a relevant member if she makes strides in her performance and letting people know that good girls may not stand out as much as comedians and loudmouths but they are damn cute and can be interesting. Here’s a video of her at CENTER for the new SKE48 single B-Side. Warning: try and not to drown in her eyes that are as wide and deep as the Pacific Ocean.

Garry says: Shibata Aya, the girl with the huge eyes which are either a charm point or absolutely terrifying depending on how you look at it. The girl who has only just recently been given the center position in Shirogumi (albeit most likely only on a temporary basis). Shibata Aya, the girl who hardly anyone knows anything about. The one thing you can say about Shibata Aya is that she’s very much an idol’s idol. She’s nowhere near polished yet as far as her performing skills go (you could argue that almost none of the Team E girls are really there yet) but she’s taking the steps that she needs to in order to get there. In all honesty her personality and character traits of being a reserved girl who doesn’t try to shine the spotlight on herself will likely do her more harm than good, at least in the short term. However, I think that if she sticks to her belief that “Nothing is impossible if you persevere” and sticks to her message to the fans of “I’ll keep improving so that more people will like me more and more! Here I go!” then she’ll do just fine.

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  1. Hmm I knew nothing of this girl before she had her own mini Matsui Jurina / Eriko Jo moment Aun no Kiss.

    Still those big eyes of hers (better throw me a life jacket now Anthony) are definatly a good place to start….

    thing is though she might just be much too reserved as girl, while not a problem in itself it might mean she struggles to stand out in the variety of ‘loud’ personalities at the top of SKE……

    • My sincere hope for her is that she can take a role like Kitahara Rie within SKE. A well-mannered girl who has the ability to add to the conversation without completely dominating the talks.

      • Well there is always an opening for these types of girls in groups and yeah Rie is a very good example of that, though maybe at the same time you could argue that maybe that personaily of Rie has in some was possibly held her back from becoming a major focus for AKB…..

        But then again, Yukirin plays that sort of role as well…..

  2. oh. 柴田阿弥.
    There’ll be a day when I break this pun; but not today.
    oh. She bats her eyes (at) ya!

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