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We’re back with another “Idols You Should Meet” here on New School Kaidan. Take a guess at who this idol is then hit the link below to find out if you’re right and to find out some more information about her.


Name: Iwasa Misaki
Born: January 30th, 1995 in Chiba Prefecture
Team: AKB48, Team A
Nickname:  Wasamin, Mujineki
Strengths: Hard working. Serious.
Weakness: Clumsy and serious in odd situations.
Hobbies: Dancing, manga, game, jokes, video sites.
Talents: Singing and dancing.


Nickname was “Mickey” at first.
Praised by Takahashi Minami for being a good dancer/performer and as a  perfectionist.
Good friends with Komori Mika who is the same generation.
Looks up to Noro Kayo.
Ota Aika refers to her as a “clumsy city girl who sings very well”.
Likes to visit video sites.
Has three dogs and a rabbit.


Anthony says: Iwasa Misaki or “Mujineki” as folks on Google+ and I like to call her is another girls who suffers from not putting herself out there. Whether it’s from her shyness or reservation to let her elders have the spotlight but her Google+ posts should give you a clue as to what kind of person she is. A self-proclaimed “lolicon”, Mujineki is truly a “Runaway Train” as some people have referred to her as that because of her tendencies to go on crazy rants about wanting to read manga or watch anime, raiding other members’ comment space and fantasizing about other members. She has in many instances fantasized about trying to land Ota Aika from a male perspective. She has done this in many occasions including other members. It is hilarious to see a girl who sings enka be such an internet comedian. I just hope that someday, she can be a comedian on screen. She is a fantastic singer and her dancing is SEVERELY underrated.

Garry says: Hopefully I’m not totally off-base if I refer to Iwasa Misaki as somewhat of a wallflower. Granted she is a very beautiful wallflower but a wallflower none the less. Saying she doesn’t put herself out there enough (you could debate that having a solo single constitutes putting yourself out there) should be a given considering we’re dedicating this post to her. However, this reserved beauty has her moments where you just sit back and think “damn, this girl is fantastic!”. Granted most of these moments occur in cyberspace where she takes great delight in harassing the younger AKS members and referring to herself as a lolicon while doing so. She also enjoys spouting off all manner of random/silly comments about whatever is on her mind at that particular moment. Wasamin is a beauty with a great sense of humor, her singing ability speaks for itself and her dance skill is vastly underrated. She may not ask you to sit up and take notice of her but I’m telling you that you should.

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  1. 無人駅ちゃんwwwwwww

  2. I think more than anything I have a great deal of respect for Wasamin.

    I mean any girl who would leave her place in an agency like Ogi chase your dream of singing Enka, well you just have to salute them, I suppose it’s a reflection of her too that she is still in Warota, which though mainly being beneficail for all involved still, perhpas shows the regard that Ogi had for Wasamin and still do.

    Wasamin is one of those girls who, I think in another life could of been popular, she has a good personality, can sing, has a unique look that is also very familiar at the same time (and pretty) I suppose it just wasnt to be with her,

    I suppose though, with her Enka activities she is maybe one of the only girls living to the AKB theory of it being a ‘stepping stone’ in a career and that is good as I see life for Wasamin past her time as an idol

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