Idols You Should Meet 004


We’re back with another “Idols You Should Meet” here on New School Kaidan. Take a guess at who this idol is then hit the link below to find out if you’re right and to find out some more information about her.


Name: Jonishi Kei
Born: March 18th, 1995 in Shiga Prefecture
Team: NMB48 Team N
Nickname: Keicchi
Personality: Shy
Strengths: Positive, kind, friendly to insects
Weaknesses: Odd, mysterious
Hobbies: Cell phone novels, taking pictures of insects and sending it to people
Talents: Plays the koto


Does not sweat very much
Always smiling
Sleeps with her mouth and eyes open
Wants to be an actress like Aragaki Yui
Had no prior experience in singing or dancing
She is a DD
Looks up to Maeda Atsuko
If she could pick a girlfriend from NMB48, she would choose Fukumoto Aina
Likes Yagami Kumi and Ogiso Shiori from SKE48
Friends with Isohara Kyoka from SKE48
Favorite subjects: Music, home economics
Worst subjects: Math, English
Favorite sports: Swimming and watching volleyball
Played percussion in band
Likes reptiles and insects
Wears contacts
Has a dirty room according to other members
Favorite food: mint chocolate chip ice cream, cucumbers
Favorite drink: Soda
Favorite colors: Black, white, pink, blue
Favorite artists: YUI, Abe Mao, SCANDAL, aiko
Likes Sanrio characters



Anthony says: If you look up the word, “wallflower” in my dictionary, you will see a picture of Jonishi Kei. She is cute and interesting but her shyness hurts her here. She has striking beauty and plays the oddball character very well. Her interests in insects and reptiles are quite contrary to how normal idols would feel about them. Jonishi has made the senbatsu for four straight singles and is in the top half of the recent selection for the upcoming “Nagiichi” single. Jonishi played a pivotal role in “Junjou U-19”. She is the bridge that Yamamoto Sayaka walks under. 

I hope to see more from her in terms of showing off her interesting personality. I would like her to crack her shy shell and show the world how interesting she can be. If you watch any of her videos on Google+, turn the volume down. You’ll thank me later…

Garry says: I think we can all agree that Jonishi Kei is an incredibly pretty girl, an incredibly pretty girl that doesn’t get nearly as much screentime as she should. Unlike some idols, Keicchi isn’t just a pretty face; she has one of the best personalities I’ve had the pleasure of encountering since I got into idols a few years back. Sure her baby dinosaur impression is incredibly grating but it’s a small part of the very eccentric package that is Jonishi Kei. It’s those eccentricities that make it incredibly easy to not only like her but take notice of her too. It’s all rather subtle too, she isn’t all up in the camera all the time but when she does choose to act out she makes an impact almost instantly. I do worry that she doesn’t across as well as she could to the more casual fans but hopefully a decent performance in the upcoming elections will be the boost in confidence that she needs to really put herself out there.

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