Idoling!!! Who are You?

Dae and I recently got in a conversation about Idoling!!! We had been talking about doing an Idoling!!! focused show and through going back to watch the older video, a discussion about the lack of a common theme among Idoling!!! PVs.

This led to me bringing up the song Queen Bee off of their newest single Yarakai Heart. It’s credited to a Korean Composer/Arranger and has a distinctive feel that Idoling!!! hasn’t had before. So this brings up the question, What is Idoling’s style? What are they known for? They’ve got some semi-memorable members. Their show has pretty intense batsu games. I always thought they were a lot more liberal with swimwear in PVs but that was decided pre-Ponytail to Shushu. I don’t know if I feel the same way now.

But back to my original question, what is it about Idoling!!! that makes them stand out. If their members aren’t entirely breakout memorable, their PVs lack common thread, and their music somewhat unsure of itself….Is that why they’re not as popular as they could be?


PS – I find it funny that the title of the song has Shojou, Jidai, and Kara in it.

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  1. Queen Bee really took me by surprise. Korean-sounding song with Korean lyrics?! In Idoling!!!?

    I think Idoling!!! members have just as much appeal(if not more) than many other idol groups, so I would guess that it has to do with promotion and their releases— and I agree that the dissonance probably held them back.

    With the past couple singles, they’ve been a LOT more consistent than when they started; I’m just not finding it that interesting. But with Idoling!!! selling more with each release, they may have their breakthrough yet.

  2. Idoling!!! has always said they were the bad/terrible idols, willing to do anything, bad acting, bad singing, bad MCing, just all around bad, but they aren’t really that bad, well unless you watched Dogu-chan that was just bad.

    I think that is where the appeal is, they are bad, they admit it, and they thrive in it, they have a very dedicated following, you guys should check out the acchi mute pie, they have a lot of their TV shows available.

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