Idol Slump – You Can Even Get Tired Of Idols?!

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Do you ever have moments where you spend days or even weeks completely apathetic about idols? Some of you may be of the opinion that getting tired of idols is truly impossible. However, I know many of you have had moments where despite being heavily invested in the hobby, you just crash and burn out. These are moments where you can’t be bothered to check out your favorite site for news on a recent scandal or check out that new PV uploaded on Youtube. These are the moments when you just can’t give a fuck about what has been happening with your favorite group. This is what I call the “Idol Slump.”


So, how can one get past idol burnout? Given my experience, I find that it is easier just not to fight it. When you’re burned out on any hobby including idols, it just means that you have been ingesting too much content for your own good. To reference a past article, idols are like candy. While amazing in moderation, eat too much and you could face yourself having a sugar crash. Use this time to invest energy into other hobbies you may have. If you are facing an idol sugar crash then it may be possible that you have been completely ignoring the non-idol hobbies you may have. With time, your interest in idols will grow again and you can try to attempt to get yourself back into the hobby. It’s best to do this slowly. Listen to your favorite songs or watch an old subtitled AKBINGO episode. Just like a new fan, you’ll be rediscovering the fandom.


How can a person completely avoid an idol sugar crash in the first place? Well, the answer is to fill up some of your time with other hobbies. I presume a wide majority of the idol community finds idol music to be just a hobby and doesn’t have the resources to complete devote themselves to idols. Moderation is best for a hobby like idols because it is extremely easy to get sucked in by it. Take a break from idol music every now and then and listen to the other genres you enjoy. It will keep you from being burned out and it will also increase the appreciation you have for the genre. The time away will make you enjoy idol content even more than you did. It’s just like eating your favorite food after months of dieting. This way idols won’t take over your life, you will always appreciate them and you are less likely to fall into the dreaded idol slump.

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  1. I think I am in the middle of a slump right now…

  2. I experience this sometimes but not exactly in the way you described it. I give a damn about idols news and stuff all the time but there are also many times where I don’t have the mood to sit through hours of idol content (ie. variety shows, performances, etc..). After all, as you suggested, we all have other hobbies to attend to.

  3. Moderation in all things.

  4. Having recently come back from 3 weeks in New Zealand on holiday this topic is an interesting one as without all my resources out there I was not as invested into idols as I would be at home, I kept up with the news when I could but that was about it, I was definitely not as into events as I usually am.

    Interestingly enough I felt that I was slightly re-invigorated on by return, things I had been scanning through just before I left suddenly needed my full attention and generally my interest levels went up, sure this could be down to withdrawal but I think in a way going away from it, resting from the idol World if you will, made me appreciate it all the more.

    On a more normal basis though I think my sport helps, I’m generally either watching or playing sports on the weekend and kinda leave the idol World at this point and in honesty it’s nice to get away from it sometimes I think too, like the whole candy thing, sure candy is nice but sometimes you just want a steak….

  5. Unfortunately, idols have gone past the point of candy for me. It’s more like food now.

  6. To reference a few people I know, idols (or the culture) are like a drug. When I get tired of idols, I try and look for music from other artists but sometimes I go back because I feel like I need to catch up on what they are doing ><

  7. I have definitely been through these periods before. I’ve been into idols for about 12 years, and there was easily about a year of it where I was pretty detatched from “what was happening” and fittingly enough, it was during the transition period between where H!P was basically quickly becoming dead to the world and AKB was taking over, but there just seemed to be this valley where H!P’s stuff was garbage and AKB just hadn’t done anything to make me interested yet. H!P managed to still make something interesting here and there, but I followed in passing more than anything else.

    Nowadays its a little different, because while I’m 90% of the time disinterested in anything H!P is doing, the idol market is so saturated right now that even when I get tired of what one idol group is doing, I have so many other choices to go to now. For about a year and a half I was just all about AKB and everything they did, then the sameness of a lot of it started to get to me, so I moved over to Idoling!!! as an option a few years ago and have never begun to get tired of them yet, and they have now taken over AKB for me. There’s also a plethora of other indie or smaller idol groups out there that have some pretty good material, so it seems there’s always something enjoyable for me to listen to from idol music, since I’m not limiting myself to just one idol group to follow.

    Though, just out of personal preference, I still listen to other genres on a regular basis, not because of the feel of a need to get away from idol music, but as a musician I just always like to have variety and get random instincts to want to hear a certain artist or style out of the blue. I have felt the idol slump many times in the last few years, but it has been mostly in regards to a certain group, not to idols in general.

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