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Today’s group introduction will require that we prepare to strap on our life jackets and cast out our fishing rods to catch some dinner! Are you ready to go fishing? Fishing? You haven’t heard yet?

Let us introduce you to the Japanese Pop Idol fishing theme unit, Tsuri Bit (つりビット), their concept and goal is to be the top fisherwomen and idols of the world. The group was formed back in April 2013 under the agency, Sugar & Spice and their single label is Kisspoint Records. The unit is consists of five members (going by age order), Hasegawa Mizuki (Leader), Ando Sakura, Kikima Aya, Takeuchi Natsuki, and Konishi Ayu. The group has also released a total of seven major singles, three digital singles and recently released their first full-length album.

Now that we have set sail with the basics. We have now reached the fan section of the introduction; where Kenneth and myself will share with you all how we first discovered the group and reveal our favorite songs.

Ashley’s Discovery and Song Pick

I first discovered the group after a friend posted a video of their first single entitled, Manatsu no Tentai Kousaku (真夏の天体観測) on Facebook and talked about how interesting the group’s theme was, which quickly sparked up my attention right away. I remember when I watched their MV, I couldn’t stop thinking about how cute the girls were and how sweet sounding their vocals are. From there, I definitely saw something special about them and decided to continuing to follow them. It has been over a year since then and I am very happy that I found this group. I hope one day I get to go to Japan and I would love to see their performance live.

As for my song of choice, my favorite single is called Odoroyo, Fish (踊ろよ、フィッシュ). This single was released back on July 7th, 2014 and I like to call this song my official summer anthem because of the refreshing feel I get with each listen. Also, the MV for this single is one of my all-time favorites as well. The video takes place at a beach house which the members first arrive to settle in, and then adventure out to have some fun. What I love the most about this single is the girls really display how much fun they were having. Their outfits were sparkly and beautiful, which really fit the song’s image perfectly.

Kenneth’s Discovery and Song Pick

My very first encounter with Tsuribit was around the time Tokyo Idol Festival 2014 was being held and I was in Los Angeles at the time. I was watching some videos of the events that were happening at TIF 2014 on YouTube and like most great music discoveries, they come by accident. Or at least they appear to be because in my case, the video for Tsuribit’s Odoroyo, Fish (踊ろよ、フィッシュ) showed up as the first video in the related videos section. It caught my attention and I listened to it. For me, it was one of those songs that you instantly like within the first 10 seconds of listening.

One thing you need to know about Odoroyo Fish is that it’s a song that was originally created and performed by singer-songwriter Yamashita Tatsurou and the Odoroyo Fish that Tsuribit does is a cover of that song which was retrofitted to have more of an idol sound. Although original and the Tsuribit rendition are one and the same song, the feelings that they evoke are big enough to make them seem like two different songs.

The original Yamashita Tatsuro version is more of a “chilling by the seaside” type of song while the Tsuribit version is more of a high-energy, “frolic by the seaside” kind of song. Since the Tsuribit version was the version that I was exposed to first, it left a deep impression on me. When you listen to the song, it has this sort of “traditional idol” sense to it which got to me right away and was very pleasant to listen to.

When deciding whether or not a certain group is going to become a group that I will begin to closely follow, I try to search for their other songs on YouTube to see if I like them too. If I like the subsequent 3-4 songs, then that’s when I start following them closely because it tells me that they will probably consistently put out good songs. After Vanilla na Sora, Tabidachi Kirari, and especially Manatsu no Tentai Kansoku, the decision was a no-brainer – the group was awesome, the members are awesome, and the music was awesome.

As for my song pick, it is their latest single (at the time of this writing), Makenai Guts ~Itsuka Sekai wo Tsuriagemasu~. In addition to releasing yet another amazing song, I remember watching the PV just as it came out and I was having a difficult time with a certain problem I was having at work. I didn’t feel very good about myself because I couldn’t work out the problem but listening to this song was just what I needed.

The title, Makenai Guts is a play on words because there is a former boxer turned actor named Guts Ishimatsu who is the protagonist of the PV in Makenai Guts and the title can mean to encourage Guts Ishimatsu as in “Don’t lose, Guts!” or something along the lines of “Having the Guts to Not Lose.” Either way, the song tells the listener to keep working hard until they “reel in the entire world.”

Similar to Momoiro Clover Z’s Roudou Sanka (here), it is a song that tells the listener that they will encounter hard times but to not give up in the face of adversity. When I saw the PV for the song, the timing couldn’t have been better and it made me feel better right away. As a student, I felt as if the messages of these type of songs didn’t really apply to me but now as a working adult, I feel as if these kinds of songs speak to me.

That concludes our stories of how we got hooked on Tsuribit and which songs appealed to us the most. Don’t forget to catch Tsuribit’s newest single, Tsurisen wa Iranee ze coming out on August 8th and their current single, Makenai Guts ~Itsuka Sekai wo Tsuriagemasu~. We hope that you’ll get hooked on them as well!

Tsuribit’s Official Website: Here
Tsuribit’s Official Twitter: Here

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