Idol Fan Dictionary Entry 001

Here are a couple of entries in the Idol Fan Dictionary!

idol high

1. a state of euphoria caused by mass consumption of idol content

Used in a sentence
Hey Dae, I’m on an idol high right now, nothing can hurt me!

wota burst
wota burst-ed, wota burst-ing

1. an extreme increase in the sale of idol goods due to many wotas on an idol high

Used in a sentence
Tron wota bursted so hard at the Morning Musume concert that he bought every piece of Niigaki Risa merchandise at the venue.

wota blast
wota blast-ed, wota blast-ing
1.screaming your oshimen’s name at the top of your lungs at the peak of your idol high

Used in a sentence
Anthony’s wota blast was so loud that Garry could hear, “Harugon” all the way in Scotland.

disgusting bikini
1. bikinis featured in an idol PV

Used in a sentence
David took an issue with people calling bikinis in AKB48 PVs, “disgusting bikinis”.

brokoyama yui
1. Yokoyama Yui

Used in a sentence
Tron and Anthony are big fans of Brokoyama Yui because she is part of the totally bro, Team K.

uma no shippo
1. ponytail

Used in a sentence
Ponytail(uma no shippo)! Kaze no naka(in the wind)!

1. not moeno

Used in sentence
That Nito is not Moeno. 

1. not nito

Used in a sentence
That Moeno is not Nito.

Feel free to add to the dictionary by sending in your words in the comments or through our contacts page!

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  1. I think u need to add pictures to each term.

    I know what Nito & Moeno are, but your short definitions kinda confused me. Someone who is a n00b to these two terms will be lost.

    • bah, you make me do more work. go hang out in front of 7-11

    • Nito and Moeno:

      While, Nito is talented in calligraphy [insert screen-cap of Nito’s calligraphy from 120613 AKBINGO HERE], while Moeno is talented in sculpting stamps of AKB members [insert screen-cap of Moeno’s sculpting from 120309 SHUKAN AKB]

      While, Nito gets her face painted as a burgular on AKBINGO [], Moeno gets her face painted as a burgualr on BIMYO~ []

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