Idol Digest: Sashiko no Kuseni #030 (08.09.11)

08.09.2011 – Sashiko no Kuseni – # 30 [Link]
In this episode, Sashihara continues to take on challenges by underground idols in front of some very tough judges. This episode was a full of the usual Sash-bash as she’s taken out of her comfort zone time and time again.

Here’s the breakdown for Part 2!

To start things off, Sashihara is challenged to hula-hooping by a member of ‘Full MooN.13’, and both seemed pretty adept at it(I guess hula hooping isn’t that difficult), ending in a tie-score.

Then she goes against Matsumoto, an idol with a befuddling and ridiculous voice. Her looks also strangely reminds me of Mano Erina. So this Mano Erina look-alike with a speech impediment challenges Sashihara to a kanji identifying contest to win in the end, leaving Sashihara in the dust.

Next up is a duo called ‘Makaron Japan’、choosing the unique challenge of creating hand-brushed writing compositions. I myself couldn’t judge these in anyway, but Sashihara lost this challenge(Go for the losing streak, Sasshi!).

Now here come the interesting challenges. An idol called ‘Ribbon-T’ is pit up against Sashihara to a straight-up rap battle, with hilarious results. It’s plenty awkward and hilarious, filled with all the “Yo!”, “Check it out!” and “Come on!” you expect. It ends in a draw, keeping Sashihara in the weeds with two losses.

Next up is Oshima Haruna, who I think vagely resembles SDN48’s Kohara Haruka goes against Sashihara in a cooking challenge for the best fried egg. Oshima’s egg started off well, but in the end looked like a lumpy mass. Sashihara’s on the other hand, looked like a badly butchered piece of yellow meat so the win goes to Oshima Haruna!

Hioki Tamao was next, and she’s quite a character. Over 30 years old, a fan of a lot of big idol groups, and challenges Sashihara to what I think is a “Knowledge Battle”. Hioki drops some knowledge on the Friday the 13th movies which Sashihara knew nothing about, and Sashihara talks about Morning Musume, a lot of which Hioki already knew, so the win goes to Hioki!

Next is this crazy loud girl, Morinaga Mami, another idol whose voice wanted me to tear my eardrums. She did a one-person skit that was pretty bizarre, involving two characters, a laser gun, and the mathematical number Pi. Sashihara starts her skit off pretty well, but gets hung up and is cut off before she could continue, making Morinaga the winner.

Next up is the pig-tailed and pink idol, Momo, who challenges Sashihara in a showdown of flexibility and mouth skills(It’s probably not what you’re thinking). To sum it up in a sentence, they have to bend over while sitting down and eat two marshmallows off of a plate sitting on the ground. Crazy right?! They’re both able to do it, but I guess Momo did it with more finesse, so Sashihara continues her losing streak!

Now here we have Mizuki, the ‘Magic Idol’! This one also has a peculiar way of speaking, and has a pretty funny hat. The trick she performs is one most of us have seen, with linking chains. However, her technique is pretty well done. Sashihara follows it up with what looks like a card trick, but ends up being a cheap attempt at one, which means Mizuki wins!

Himeno Tama is the final challenger, and performs the wota gei dance to ‘Over the Future’, complete with glow sticks. Sashihara responds with singing the actual song, but unfortunately(and hilariously), the mic was stuck with the stand, making Sashihara unable to dance or move around, despite her efforts.

This leaves Sashihara utterly defeated for this episode and have new-found appreciation for the often unappreciated underground idols.  Next episode looks like training for the Janken Taikai, full of screaming and determination!

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