Idol Digest – Nogizakatte, Doko? #09 (11.27.2011)

11.27.2011 Nogizakatte, Doko? #09 [Link]

Okay, quick catch-up for those of us who haven’t been following along for the past eight weeks. “Nogizakatte, Doko?” is the television show of AKB48’s rival group Nogizaka46. The show is hosted by the comedic duo Bananaman as well as whoever happens to be their guest that week. It is very much a variety show with the girls having to undertake various challenges such as acting, sports and surprise bag checks. Being both a fairly new group and new show we’re still in the process of learning who everyone is, so it’s the perfect time for you all to jump on.

Everyone up to speed now? Okay, let’s jump into this week’s episode.

This week’s episode starts out with a “Fashion Check” which in simple terms is basically a fashion contest between thirteen of the members. The contest is judged by the editor of fashion magazine SEDA who gives her expert opinion on how fashionable each girls’ outfit is. She then gives each girl a score out of 100 with the highest scorer being the winner.

As I’ve already mentioned, thirteen girls took part in this segment. However, I’m not going to be commenting on each and every one of them and that is for a number of reasons. The main reason being that I have absolutely no idea how to talk about women’s fashion but I also doubt any of you would actually want to read thirteen individual impressions about women’s fashion. Don’t worry though, I have prepared a nice collage of all of the girls in their outfits that you can find at the end of this article. With that said, here are three of my personal favourites:

First up we have Nishino Nanase sporting a poncho in the style of a duffle coat which I thought was incredibly odd when I first saw it. However I do have to say that I absolutely love her red side bow. More side bows on idols, who’s with me? Anyway, the editor of SEDA really liked this outfit and went as far as to call Nishino a “fashion leader” and scored her 95/100 points. I’m not entirely sure I agree with that rating but I’m a guy so what do I know.

Next up we have one of the more well know members; lkoma Rina. She’s a bit of tomboy by nature so the fact that she chose a blazer and rolled up trousers shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. I honestly don’t think any other girl could pull this off but Ikoma just owns it and shows that you don’t have to be limited to skirts and dresses. Our judge also seemed to like Ikoma’s outfit and scored it 85/100, a very respectable score indeed.

Finally we have my favourite Nogizaka girl; Shiraishi Mai. She decided to go with a flowery one piece with a sweater over the top. The look is then rounded out with some thick-rimmed glasses that I personally don’t care for but I can overlook it for Mai. 80/100 was the verdict and while I wish it was higher I can totally see why it was scored that way.

With my three favourites out of the way I suppose it’s time to talk about poor Sakurai Reika. I just knew this wasn’t going to go well as soon as I saw her outfit. Surprisingly enough the judge actually agreed with me although I think it was a bit harsh calling it something that an old lady would wear. A score of 40/100 was the order of the day and I can’t say that’s an unfair score for a rather basic and uninteresting outfit. Better luck next time Reika.

The second part of the show is a Dance Skill Check. The members are given a dance routine during practice that they have to learn, the girls who perform the best in practice get to perform the dance on the show. We see footage of different groups of members practising the dance and it becomes apparent just how much talent and potential is there. Nogizaka46 looks like a real contender to AKB48 and I can’t wait to see how it plays out down the road.

Seven girls are selected to perform the dance routine on the show. I have no idea what song it was that they were dancing to but I wasn’t a fan. Seems like they could have picked something else and it would have been just as good. The group gave a very strong performance with lots of hip thrusting and shoulder shaking that if I’m being honest seemed a bit excessive. I suppose it did match the style of music they were dancing to but it just didn’t appeal to me as a fan. It was something that I’d expect from a Kpop group, not a group of young idols.

So there you have it, Nogizakatte, Doko? #09. Please do check out the episode if it sounds interesting to you and give these girls the exposure that they deserve. Here’s a list of everyone who appeared this week as well as the collage I made of all the outfits for you to enjoy:

Members Featured (Fashion Check):

Inoue Sayuri
Miyazawa Seira
Fukagawa Mai
Sakurai Reika
Hashimoto Nanami
Nakada Kana
Iwase Yumiko
Ikoma Rina
Wakatsuki Yumi
Nishino Nanase
Takayama Kazumi
Shiraishi Mai
Ito Marika

Members Featured (Dance Skill Check):

Inoue Sayuri
Ikoma Rina
Ikuta Erika
Kawamura Mahiro
Saito Asuka
Sakurai Reika
Nakada Kana

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  1. I just saw the episode with Yoiko and Nogizaka46’s first meet and greet. The bag check by Hamaguchi Masaru was hilarious. I’ll definitely keep watching this one. I hope this group becomes a legitimate group and doesn’t just end up as an idol group from a TV show.

  2. I had completely forgotten about this show even though I watched the first two episodes and enjoyed watching them quite a lot. Haven’t watched this episode yet but after reading this post I’ve started watching from episode five and upwards.

    • It hasn’t been easy to get the episodes as they come out so I can see why people might have forgotten about the show. Glad to hear that I got you back into Nogizaka46.

  3. Since my last comment I have managed to watch up to this episode. Two of my favorites of the fashion check segment was Fukugawa Mai and Takayama Kazumi. I found the dance half pretty interesting but I gotta agree that although the the dance itself probably took a lot of skill and effort for the members to get right, I’m not really a big fan of that kind of style of dance.
    But apart from that I’m gonna try to keep watching Nogizakattedoko weekly as what I have watched is really interesting and I like the way that with each episode it helps you get to know the members more and more by putting up against different types of challenges each week.

  4. I, as for one, jumped on the Nogizaka wagon as soon as auditions were announced, and been on in ever since. I agree that after these past couple of months since the official formation of the group, they can compete with AKB down the road. And as a K-POP fan and a fan of HipHop dance, I like the idea of given them the challenge of doing that kind of choreography. Was cool to see idols to do dances that the average group may not do.

    I commented on this episode on H!O, so I will just post it here. Hope u don’t mind:

    Woah, this is another turning point for both the group and the show. I’m more confident in the groups abilities after watching this episode:

    Ogi from AKB ネ申 goes into “enemy territory” lol

    -Fashion Check
    ・Miyazawa Seira! Woah, Woah Woah! Kakkoii!
    ・No matter how simple Sakurai Reika dressed looked, she looked so beautiful regardless!
    ・Nakada has a very pretty cool looking face when given the appropriate hairstyle.
    ・Ikoma, so adorable!!!
    ・Wakatsuki is so freaking hotttttttt , so hard not to fall for her.
    ・Nishino, definitely has the skills to be the fashion leader… Art leader as well.
    ・Takayama is so freaking cute.
    ・Shiraishi as expected, looking very fashionable

    -Dance Skill Check!
    ・Finally some dancing!
    ・Nogizaka46 is so fortunate to Be under Sony.Access to soooooo much music. U can take “covering 48 songs” out the equation for sure, even though I never expected them to cover any AKB stuff. I’m thinking if they will have a more kakkoii image to their songs/choreography.
    ・Reiiiika! Michael Jackson ppoi lol
    ・I want to see more of their dancing!…. Oh, Wakatsuki Attack!

    ・From the first group, Nakada and Ikuta and Ikoma. As expected of the Kami7/7Goddess.
    ・Kawamura got ranked up in my book. Best dancer, reminds me of her rival Tomochin.
    ・Sakurai and Asuka was really good from the third group.
    ・Unathletic, yet a good dancer, that Ikoma lol….

    I am glad to see the show use so many themes to show the members different talents to push themselves forward. I didn’t pay much attention to Kawamura until this episode. When they have a singing theme for Nogizakatte Doko, I wonder who else will get ranked up.

    -Nogizaka46 News
    ・Shiraishi Mai Gravure Start! That said, Nogizaka46 has 2 Gravure girls. And weird but nice of the director to strip to get Shiraishi to feel less nervous about the shot.
    ・The girls are having more and more events. I’m paying close attention to them, kuz at any event, there could be a big announcement.

    ・As for next episode. The girls are shooting outside. I wonder if they gonna do what NMB48 did on the first episode of Naniwa Nadeshiko, asking ppl “Do You Know Nogizaka46?”

  5. I’m all caught up now and wow Nishino Nanase is rocking this fashion thing. She looks awesome.

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