Idol Digest: Naniwa Nadeshiko 003 (7.26.2011)

07.26 – Naniwa Nadeshiko Episode 3 [23:00]

For the second week in a row I downloaded the new NMB show. I’ve been on an NMB high which has had me downloading nearly everything NMB related. I’m guessing this show is about food because in the last two shows I’ve watched the members have just traveled from restaurant to restaurant sampling food.

This episode is no different with the group going from a Okonomiyaki shop, to a fry shop, and finally a ramen shop. The show spices things up by prohibiting the girls to speak in their regional dialect of Kansai, also known as Kansai-ben.

The program has done a great job of promoting the other members as I’m quickly learning the small roster of NMB members. If you have any interest in quickly learning the NMB members, this show is the way to go. Watanabe & Fukumoto monopolize most of the attention this week with Kondo and Kadokawa filling in their parts.

Highlights include

Kondo Rina & Watanabe Miyuki Skinship [3:13]

Fukumoto Aina cathcing herself before saying meccha and then coughing out her food [8:25]

Kadokawa Kanako being tricked into speaking Kansai-ben to her mother. [8:44]

Team N Members featured:
Yamamoto Sayaka, Watanabe Miyuki, Kondo Rina,
Jounishi Kei, Fukumoto Aina, Yoshida Akari, Kadokawa Kanako

Episode 3 of Naniwa Nadeshiko is available [Here]

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