Idol Digest: Naniwa Nadeshiko 001 (07.12.2011)

7.12.2011 – Naniwa Nadeshiko Episode 001 [23:00]

For NMB’s first episode, the program shows the actual announcement of the series. NMB is led into a waiting room unknowing that they are about to have a press conference. Then suddenly The comic pair PEACE shows up and shuffle the girls into a room full of press and photographers. It’s a fantastic way to start the show and series as viewers are presented with a realness of their reactions and the start of their TV careers.

From there the show moves to the streets of a shopping arcade. Members are asked to find people who recognize them as members of NMB. Every time they fail a Batsu game follows. Will they be able to find someone within the time limit?

This is a fantastic episode for people needing an entryway to NMB48. The situations are easily understandable. The members make good first impressions. Lots of stuff to laugh at.

Highlights Include:

Watanabe Miyuki carries eyedrops [2:20]

The surprised Entrance [2:36]

Yamamoto getting denied [14:45]

Yamamoto’s Face [16:01]

Kondo’s immunity to bugs [17:47]

Kurokami Street Performance [19:14]

Team N Members featured:
Yamamoto Sayaka, Watanabe Miyuki, Yamada Nana, Kondo Rina, Fukumoto Aina, Ogasawara Mayu

The episode can be found [Here]

Read more for my opinions and SPOILERS:

NMB has kind of a tri-girl system. Yamamoto is the captain but sometimes I see her take a secondary role. For instance if you watch their entrance to press conference, although everyone is confused Watanabe is the one to lead the group in. You realize she had that “I’ve  got to take charge” moment. You can also see Yamada Nana has to motion for Yamamoto to take the center spot during the conference. I just found it to be a little interesting that although Yamamoto is the ace and captain the other two members seem to round out the group.

Show Notes:

Yamada Nana is the first to go. I really like her but her voice seems off. It’s less cutesy and more mature than I expected.

Yoshida Akari & Kondo Rina are next. Kondo is one of the easiest members to recognize. She has this Kago Ai/ Smileage personality that’s easy to latch on to. You’ll see later, as her reactions to bugs is completely different to the other members. The same with her reaction to the Habanero Candy.

Watanabe Miyuki, Fukumoto Aina, Ogasawara Mayu are after that. Fukumoto is easily become one of my favorite members although she’s not showcased much in this episode. Watch Naniwa Nadeshiko Episode 3 if you’re looking for something with more Fukumoto.

Yamamoto Sayaka goes by herself. She’s hailed as having the best chance since she was the only member to place in the AKB Elections. She gets ignored by a couple. Yamamoto is always entertaining and has a good comedic side to her.

The last group is a remix of sorts. Yamamoto Sayaka, Watanabe Miyuki, Yamada Nana, Ogasawara Mayu go again only to have to eat the bugs and drink the Senburi-cha again.

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