Idol Digest: Naniwa Nadeshiko 020 (11.30.2011)

11.30.11 Naniwa Nadeshiko #020 [Link]

A great episode of Naniwa Nadeshiko this week. Lots of laughs and silliness as the members of NMB48 compete in a quasi athletic competition. This week’s episodes features the steady staple of Yamamoto Sayaka, Watanabe Miyuki, Yamada Nana, and Fukumoto Aina. Research members Jo Eriko, Okita Ayaka, and Yagura Fuuko round out the competing group.

I’ve noticed that Yamamoto recently got a hair cut, Jo’s appeal is her shyness, and Yamada is often played off as the grandma character. I’m glad to see Watanabe around even though I still haven’t gotten over the awkwardness of her removal from the last single. I’d still like to see Konda Rina make her way back to the previous state and I’m still a little wary of when she’s missing.

Even so, this episode features one of the best segments of year, the Short Cake Long Jump .
Read more for the show description and pictures.

The show starts out with introductions. It turns out that the PEACE has recently comes across NMB merchandise, sporting Yamamoto’s Shurijo shirt and the NMB Soccer Jersey. I’m assuming these are official merchandise as from the back they look pretty legit.

The competition begins with a 50 meter dash. It’s pretty obvious who’s going to win but the results are surprisingly close. The best part of the segment has to be the introductions of the participants when Yamada Nana steals Fukumoto Aina’s Fireball bit [2:40]. Yamamoto and Watanabe ham it up as well, it’s always nice to see NMB acting silly.

We quickly arrive to the shortcake long jump segment, I mentioned before. It’s pretty self explanitory as the members try to make the longest jump without tipping over their slice of shortcake. The distance only counts if the piece of cake remains upright. It’s definitely worth the watch and I’ll omit a description to save you from spoilers.

Highlights include Watanabe’s Jump[6:23] and Yamada’s [11:03], which can only be described by this picture of the reaction from the announcers. Also the sound effects do a great job in capturing the clumsiness.

The show closes out with a pretty unfair relay, a preview for their next show, and a clip from their live. If you’re a big Miyuki fan, there’s a dating sim reenactment portion with her at the end as well.

All in all, a delightful show, worth your time.

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