Idol Digest – Itte Koi 48 #014 (07.31.2011)

07.31.2011 – Itte Koi 48 #014 [Link]

Karma is a bitch. This was probably the most amazing series of events I’ve seen this year. I had seen a highlight of this about a month back and that’s what first got me into watching Itte Koi 48. I kept waiting to see what exactly happened and it was beyond my expectation. You should watch this.

There’s a lot to this episode but to slim it down, jump to [2:15]. The members are making curry rice for the staff. They’re still on the snake farm and the producers have put snakes into one of the pots.

From here on out, it’s spoilers.
The show starts with some recaps from the previous episodes. They talk to Kuwabara and Kato about their experiences. Then they talk to Team E leader Umemoto Madoka, who looks a little like Ogawa Tomomi from SCANDAL. There’s something ominous lurking as they cut to the next scene.

The six girls are split up into pairs to prepare curry. There’s some small banter as Kimoto Kanon claims that she’s good at making curry rice. As they begin preparing the pots, Hirata finds that there’s something in the pot.


There’s some discussion about who’s pot it is and who will try to take the snakes out. Kato Rumi steps up and handles it quite easily. Good for her.

Next up is Umemoto who we saw earlier. As she’s getting the snake out, she notices Kuwabara and Hirata not paying attention. She decides to play a prank and scare them real quick. She even sports an evil laugh.

But as we should all remember the rules of karma, the events that followed I will not try to explain. You just have to watch the video [6:10].

All I can say is it’s divine retribution at it’s best. The panic and laughter that ensures will be on my end of the year list.

Just remember “Gomenasai” means I’m sorry.

Make sure to rewatch other member and staffers reactions.

After the fun, staff is treated to delicous curry. There’s a wake up portion with Hirata waking up Kato & Kuwabara starting at [10:03].

From [14:17] the show continues with it’s portion of members trying to eat with overly sized chopsticks. This time it’s Takayanagi Akane and Sato Seira eating egg rolls and some sort of hashbrown looking object.

In the finale, the original six get pranked with flower buckets during a promo shoot [19:56].

Members featured:

Green Team
Kuwabara Mizuki
Kato Rumi

Pink Team
Kimoto Kanon
Yamashita Yukari

Blue Team
Hirata Rikako
Umemoto Madoka

Chopsticks Portion:
Takayanagi Akane
Akane Seira

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