Idol Digest: IDOLING!!! #772 (07.28.2011)

07.28.2011 – IDOLING!!! On Demand – #722 [Link]

The show starts off with a medley performance with a live band that’s pretty good except that the outfits are horrible. They look like polka dot potato sacks. Other then that, I really liked the performance. It’s another great example of why Idol music is so appealing. The energy is unbelievable.

(Songs Performed: Lemon Drop, Poolside Daisakusen, Mujoken Kofuku)

The starts off with introductions for all the members. Pretty standard. If you’re trying to find a particular person’s name, look to the very bottom of this post, I have the names for all the members appearing in this episode in order of introduction. Also IDOLING!!! uses a numbering system so you can correspond the member number with their name. Please be aware that their ages are also listed next to their name in black so look for the pink number.

The show then goes to a quick plug for their new 2011 Summer Vacation DVD release.

Apparently this is the second part, I haven’t seen the first. The group is in Guam and this episode is a Passport CHECK! Much to the dismay of the members, they go around the table showing the members passport photos.

It’s pretty watchable without any understanding of the language.

Tachibana’s is first. What’s really interesting is that her name is completely blacked out, which probably means she uses a stage name. From here on out I was really interested in finding out who else had fake names.

Next we have Miyake and then Nomoto. I’ve taken a liking to Nomoto after this show. I also noticed that they left the Registered Domicile section open. I guess it brings about a sort of closeness knowing that that lived close to you.

Kurata and Kawamura both pretty good pictures. At this point I realize I get Hashimoto and Nagano confused. They look pretty similar and then immediately after, Nagano’s passport. Her last name is real but not her first name. I wonder what it is.

Ojima’s where it started to get really funny. She had a picture that looked like James Brown’s arrest photo.

Sakai’s picture is ridiculous but her personality seems jovial. I enjoyed watching her talk about her photo and she seems like someone who would be fun to hang around. I always thought she was a cold character which is what her passport shows. At this point Asahi gets a really worried look on her face.

Asahi’s picture is great. She looks kind of like Abe Natsumi and I’m glad that’s her real name. Even though Shakespeare wrote “A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet, I feel it would have been weird. Like all my support was going to someone else. Any opinions?

After her photo, Kikuchi becomes very loud and assertive. Her voice is a bit coarse and this is the second time I’ve seen her stand up to make her point. Not sure if that’s her personality usually, but I find it a little aggravating.

During the show I noticed a bunch of people in the back standing around. I guess this was shot with other tourists walking around thinking they were crazy. I don’t know if I could ever do that.

The show finishes up with the PV of their new single, [Don’t think, Feel]

Members Featured:

Kawamura Yui (#12)
Nagano Serina (#13)
Sakai Hitomi (#14)
Asahi Nao (#15)
Kikuchi Ami (#16)
Miyake Hitomi (#17)
Tachibana Yurika (#19)
Hashimoto Kaede (#21)
Kurata Ruka (#22)
Nomoto Manami (#24)
Ojima Chika (#26)

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