IDOL DIGEST – Bimyo~ #11 (12.08.2011)

12.08.11 BIMYO~ #11 [Link]

“Industy Human Bemuta”

Masuda Yuka plays Bemuta, a corrupt director in the TV industry. Miyazawa plays a newly hired TV assistant and Beroyo is played by Takajo Aki and is the cameraman. Bemuta tells the stories of his exploits in the TV industry. For example, a Hawaii shoot was scheduled but he plans on filming the entire show in the studio they are in. Bemuta also plans on pocketing whatever leftover money from the Hawaii shoot budget.

Bemuta also had Berahara take pictures of Miyazawa Sae and Takajo Aki eating dinner at a restaurant who are appearing in the drama they are filming. Bemuta plans on selling those pictures to tabloids to start a rumor that Miyazawa and Takajo are dating. Bemuta then tells Berahara to take pictures of Masuda Yuka’s panty shots and cleavage for 2chan.

Hirajima Natsumi and Sato Amina are detectives who arrest Bemuta Hideo for embezzlement and bribery.

“The Last Tournament”

Akimoto plays a volleyball coach giving a motivational speech after the team’s loss in their last tournament together. Akimoto tells them to stop crying because the team had made Akimoto a promise that they wouldn’t cry if they lost. Ichikawa explains that she isn’t crying because they lost but it was because she was dumped by her boyfriend. This angers Akimoto and tells her that Ichikawa’s breakup has nothing to do with the game so she sends Ichikawa off to make lemon dipped in honey.

Akimoto tries to console Iriyama but she finds out that Iriyama is crying because she just remembered the scene from Titanic where Jack is drowning.

Nito then tells Akimoto that she’s crying because she is happy that she no longer has to take orders from Akimoto.

Yamauchi tells Akimoto that she is crying because crying is a good form of stress release.

Sato Amina, the team’s ace is crying because she couldn’t make it as a flight attendant on international flights because she was employed by a company and play on the company volleyball team.

Sato Sumire is crying because she wants to become an actress and reveals that she was faking the cry and asks Akimoto how her fake cry was.

Akimoto then cries and asks someone on the team to cry about their loss.

“Studying for a Test”

Ota Aika and Nakagawa Haruka play two students studying all night for a test. They ready coffee and gum to keep themselves awake. They form a pact to wake each other up with full force if either of them starts to fall asleep.

Ota Aika starts to fall asleep. Nakagawa notices this and proceeds to flick a plastic ruler at Ota’s head. Nakagawa asks if her method of waking Ota up was too much. Ota says that it was no problem and thanks Nakagawa for waking her up.

Nakagawa now starts to fall asleep and Ota smacks her in the head with a plastic megaphone.

Ota falls asleep and then Nakagawa then smacks Ota with a paper fan.

Nakagawa then falls asleep and then Ota inserts a elastic band into Nakagawa’s mouth and releases the band to smack Nakagawa awake.

Ota then falls asleep and then Nakagawa smacks Ota in the head with a steel can.

Then the two agree to study and pull out pillows and fall asleep on the table. Then a giant metal wash tub falls on their heads.

“Soft Harmony Club”

Oya leads the members in a harmony club that creates harmonies for every melody. The club members make a trip to a funeral where the monk is chanting, “AKB48” over and over again.

The members then start to harmonize the sounds of crying. The monk played by Sato Sumire then asks them to stop. Oya asks her if they were harmonized.

“Young Comedian Syndrome”

 A mother(Hirajima Natsumi) asks the doctor(Iriyama Anna) for her daughter’s diagnosis. The doctor tells the mother that her daughter suffers from Young Comedian Syndrome. The people who suffer from Young Comedian Syndrome take a, “no” as as a, “yes” to create comedy. The doctor then pours habanero sauce all over a hot dog.

The daughter(Ichikawa Miori) comes in asking if they were done yet with their talk. The daughter immediately sees the hot dog. The mother tells her daughter to not eat the hot dog. The daughter suffering from Young Comedian Syndrome sees this as a, “yes” and continues to eat the hot dog covered in habanero sauce.

The daughter then grabs a bottle of rubbing alcohol and does the same as she did with the hot dog.

The doctor then tells the daughter to, “not sit outside on the chair quietly”. The daughter does the opposite and goes outside to sit quietly.

“Sakigake!! Become Popular Cram School”

Masuda Yuka teaches a class for boys to become attractive to women. The teacher then tells the students to review the three rules of making a woman fall in love.


The first rule is to show off your muscles while you squeeze a grapefruit for a grapefruit sour drink.

The second rule is that when you are handing out salad for everyone, give all the tomatoes to the girl you’re trying to get.

The third rule is to ask if the girl wants a lemon squeezed on her boneless fried chicken and then proceed to squeeze the lemon while showing off your muscles.

“Doubtful Minded Warrior: Honmayan 2”

Two girls are being attacked by two monsters. Honmayan(Yokoyama Yui) enters slowly via a underground elevator.

The two girls proceed to tell Honmayan that there are two monsters attacking them. Honmayan does not believe them but then turns around to see the monsters and says her catch phrase, “honmayan”. “Honmayan” is “hontouda” in a kansai-dialect and can be translated to something like, “you’re right”.

The two girls asks Honmayan to call her friend, Honmayan Blue. Honmayan doubts the notion that she has a friend. Honmayan then asks the girls if they are planning on making a mockery of Honmayan as she calls for Honmayan Blue. Honmayan eventually believes them and calls out for Honmayan Blue.

Honmayan Blue(Komori Mika) appears.

Blue suggests that they team up and fight the monsters. Honmayan does not believe Blue and asks if Blue was actually an enemy. Honmayan’s reluctance to join forces gets Blue beaten.

The girls ask Honmayan to use “Honmayan Thunderbolt”, which defeats the monsters.

Honmayan then presses a button on her belt. Honmayan then wonders why her belt was flashing. The girls tell Honmayan that if Honmayan does not return to her home planet, she will die. Honmayan does not believe this and ends up incapacitated. Then the skit ends with Honmayan saying, “honmayan”.

This week’s episode was a little disappointing compared to last week but still overall funny. Akimoto Sayaka, Masuda Yuka, and Yokoyama Yui definitely makes the show watchable with their comedic timing and having a good attitude towards making a fool of yourself from time to time. As I said last week, the biggest concern for me is how they create their comedy. They still seem to take one concept and repeat it to create comedy. I hope the show’s writing improves with the acting. This face that Harugon makes is hilarious.

This picture of Miyazaki Miho is the reason why she needs more screen time on pretty much everything.




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