IDOL DIGEST – BIMYO~ #10 (12.01.2011)

12.01.11 BIMYO~ #10 [Link]

“Ms. Tomomi In the Mirror”

The skit is a mirror act done by Yamauchi Suzuran and Itano Tomomi. The synchronization of the two were decent and I know for a fact this took a lot of practice because the skit itself was quite long(five and a half minutes to be exact). Itano smiled a couple times during the skit reminding you of the days when Jimmy Fallon used to break character during his tenure on Saturday Night Live. The skit was well-rehearsed for the most part but I felt the skit dragged a little too long.

“Lady Dada”

Let me start off by explaining why Akimoto Sayaka plays Lady “Dada”. In Japanese, when you, “dada wo koneru”, it means to act spoiled and difficult. This explains Lady Dada’s dismay when she says, “I like pink better than red” after she receives a red kaleidoscope from the TV producer(Sato Amina). Sato promises Dada that they will get a pink one for her later.

The TV program director(Sato Sumire) gets permission from Dada to interview her. The microphone that Sato is using upsets Lady Dada because it is not cute. Lady Dada asks for a microphone with tigerstripes.

The program producer brings sushi for Lady Dada. Dada takes a bite out of the sushi and ends up with a mouth full of wasabi. Dada goes on to headbutt the interpreter(Ichikawa Miori) in anger and shows everyone how much wasabi was in the sushi she ate.

“Dog Conversations”

Before I begin to explain the skit, I’d like to point out that Uchida Mayumi plays a rock. This is the second time she’s played a rock on the show. I personally love it’s randomness.

A couple of dogs are walking the park with their owners who do not hear or understand the dogs’ conversations. Yagami Kumi plays a cute, young, female dog named “Momo” with her owner, Kuwabara Mizuki. Kuramochi Asuka plays an older male dog named, “Leo” with Matsubara Natsumi as her owner. Leo the older male dog, starts to hit on Momo and says that he’s ready to, “hustle” while thrusting his hip. Momo is not interested at all and calls him creepy.

Leo offers to buy Momo hand bags, clothes, and shoes in exchange for some “play time”. Momo responds by telling Leo that she would never date a person for money. Leo asks to be forgiven while telling terrible old man jokes and of course Momo is not in the mood.

As the owners and dogs part ways, Leo gives both Momo and Kuwabara Mizuki a little goodbye love tap.

Leo promises Momo to buy sweets for her. Momo responds by saying, “I don’t want any! Don’t show your face here again! Idiot!”

Leo leaves the scene while hitting the rock and the dog(Hara Minami) sitting still in the head.

“Reflecting On the Birthday Party”

Oya Shizuka holds a birthday party. Oya is enraged because each member messed up her birthday in some way.

Kasai brings absolutely nothing. Watanabe Mayu brings Oya a card but mistakenly writes a card to an “oya” which means landlord. Mayu reads an excerpt from the card which reads, “Thank you for letting me live here for a long time. You’re like a second mother to me in Tokyo.”

Ota Aika brings candles for the cake but they turn out to be firecrackers.

Sato Sumire brings Oya a present but it turns out to be a swan costume made famous by Shimura Ken.

Oya leaves as she could not take anymore of her friends’ failures. The rest of the members point out the fact that Oya was actually leaving her own house. The girls guess that she would go to her parents’ house dressed in the swan costume and also make light of the situation by saying that she may be going back to swan lake.

“Nadeshiko Japan”

Kuramochi Asuka and Ota Aika introduce the new members of the Japanese National Soccer Team.

Ota introduces Nakatsuka Tomomi and explains that she is a good kicker and that before she shoots, she drinks a cup of lemon juice and uses the sour powers to shoot. Nakatsuka takes a sip and goes on to mimic a kicking motion.

Ota introduces Nito Moeno and explains that she is a good slider and that she eats a wasabi-filled sushi and uses the power of spiciness to slide. Nito asks for soy sauce but Ota replies by saying that they are out of soy sauce.

Ota introduces Nakagawa Haruka and explains that Nakagawa is a good header and that before she heads the ball, she eats a Japanese mustard filled cream puff. Nakagawa inserts the cream puff in her mouth but does not bite into it.

Ota approaches Nakagawa and forces Nakagawa to bite down on the cream puff.

Nakagawa then heads the ball behind her. I was genuinely hoping that she would head the ball towards Ota for revenge.

Ota introduces Matsubara Natsumi and explains that Matsubara is a good dribbler and that before she dribbles the ball, she eats a habanero covered pizza.

Ota then introduces Uchida Mayumi and explains that Uchida has nothing to offer and tells Uchida to exit the stage.

“Promotion Interview”

Shimadanozeki played by Shimada Haruka was recently promoted to Yokozuna, which is the highest rank in professional sumo wrestling. Shimadanozeki’s master played by Hirajima Natsumi explains that during the promotion interview, people expect you to use four-character idiomatic phrases in kanji to explain your thoughts going forward.

The master tells Shimadanozeki to practice what he will say during the interview. Shimadanozeki says, “When I become Yokozuna, I will go forward with a Maeda Atsuko-like mentality.” The four-character idiom Shimada used was “Maeda Atsuko” because most Japanese names include four kanjis. Shimada explains that he plans to work hard to become a nationally recognized idol like Maeda Atsuko.

For the second attempt, Shimadanozeki says, “When I become Yokozuna, I will go forward with a Kashiwagi Yuki-like mentality.” Shimada explains that he will work hard at winking cleverly at the camera like Kashiwagi Yuki.

For the third attempt, Shimadanozeki says, “When I become Yokozuna, I will go forward with a Akimoto Sayaka-like mentality.” Shimada explains that he will work hard like a gorilla.

For the fourth attempt, Shimadanozeki says, “When I become Yokozuna, I will go forward with a Kasai Tomomi-like mentality.” Shimada explains that he will work hard with the eroticism of Kasai.

The master explains that Shimada should go about the interview in a reserved manner to please the mass. The master tells Shimada to say something along the lines of, “When I become Yokozuna, I will go forward with a Sashihara Rino-like mentality”. The master explains that it means to, “go forward with a reserved chest.” This is clearly poking fun at Sashihara Rino’s small bust.

Overall, this episode was a solid one. I think the members are getting used to the skit format and seem more comfortable with the acting. My only concern is that this show uses repetitive humor rather than coming up with different jokes each time for laughs. I’m worried that this pattern may grow old to some viewers. Hopefully they can keep the show fresh by bringing in different members to be on the show. My favorite skits this week were probably “Lady Dada”, “Dog Conversations”, and “Nadeshiko Japan”. Yagami Kumi was just downright adorable as Momo the dog and I’m glad I got to see a bunch of girls featured in the “Nadeshiko Japan” skit. I know we all love it when the girls are forced to eat spicy stuff!



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