Idol Digest – AKBINGO! #148 (08.17.2011)

08.03.2011 – AKBINGO! #148 [Link]

This week’s AKBINGO! starts off rather bizarrely with iCarly’s theme-song playing in the background while announcing that the episode will be an AKB summer fashion show, showing various members wearing summery clothes that they own, to be judged by the hilariously blunt critic, Uematsu Koji.

The AKB members will be given a certain event they have to dress for, and he will judge their fashion based on how well it fits that event. There are four ratings which basically break down to: Very Ugly, Ugly, Fashionable, and Very Fashionable. 

Let’s see how the members fare in this challenge!

The first event is what one would dress on a date at Japan’s Disney Sea Park, and the first person up is none other than Takahashi Minami!

She comes out without wearing her trademark bow, wearing a naval striped top with frilly sleeves and a lacy collar. She sports a white flair(flared?) skirt, accessorized with a hello-kitty purse and a hoodie tied around her waist, patterned with Andy Warhol’s famous banana print. How does she do?

Uematsu gives rates her as “Fashionable”! Honestly, Takahashi Minami has gotten more good ratings than bad in every fashion show she’s been in, but her “fail” character makes it so that everyone expects a bad rating regardless.

Next up is Yokoyama Yui, who’s participating in the fashion show for the first time(from my recollection)!

She reveals an outfit with an emphasis on simplicity, wearing a plain white dress top with dark accents on the collar, tucked into loose-fit blue denim jeans, and high heel sandals. Her accessory is a Native-American style leather handbag.

Uematsu rates her outfit as “Very Ugly”, saying that the denim pants were no good, and I’m inclined to agree. Yokoyama, I thought you had a good taste in fashion!

Next up is Sato Sumire, who’s also participating for the first time. Being one of my recent favorites, she’s probably my highest anticipated to see in this show. What’s she going to wear?

She comes out wearing a slimming one-piece dress in pastel pink and blue with decorated high sandals, wearing matching “sea glass” jewelry and a white handbag. Her hair was tied into a bun, which accentuates her height even more. What will Uematsu think?

While not as bad as Yokoyama, he rates Sumire’s outfit as “Ugly”, pointing out that going to Disney Sea doesn’t mean one should dress for the sea. Out of the three, Takahashi was the only one voted fashionable, making her the winner of this round! And of course, Yokoyama took the crown for the least fashionable.

The next event is what you would wear on a boat cruise with a handsome man. First up is Kojima Haruna, who’s fared very well on these fashion-themed episodes. What will she wear to a cruise?

She comes out wearing a frilly lace one-piece dress with elegant earrings and necklace, with a small red handbag and gold pumps as an accent. This is a no-brainer isn’t it?

Her outfit is rated as “Very Fashionable”! Pretty much everything was spot on with this ensemble, as expected from Kojima. Goes to show that not all idols need outfit coordinators to choose what would look good on them.

Next on this cruise is Kitahara Rie. What would she dress to impress?

She comes out in a navy blue dress with white polka dots, with a slim red belt and red shoes adorned with ribbons. Her accessory is a cream-colored woven handbag and a simple but classy necklace. How does Uematsu like her attire?

He rates it as “Fashionable”, much to Kitahara’s surprise. He finds everything is on point, except her handbag.

Last but not least, Sato Amina is the final contestant! I thought that her last appearance on the fashion show was cute, but got a bad rating from Uematsu. Will she pull the right clothes for this one?

She comes out wearing a flowy one-piece with subtle pattern, with a dark belt as an accent; as well as a elegant gray handbag and tan heeled shoes. How’d she do!?

Unfortunately, he pulls out the “Very Ugly” sign, crushing Amina, pointing out the pastel colors and her handbag as the bad points. I guess she was the last and the least in this case. Compared to the other two, she would have benefited with bolder colors and choices. So in another clear-cut winner of Kojima Haruna as the most fashionable, and Sato Amina as the least fashionable, the episode has come to an end!

Fashion show episodes may not be the most spontaneous, but they’re always interesting because the girls are able to pull clothes from their own closet and assemble their own wardrobes, giving us a glimpse of their personal taste in clothes. Yokoyama Yui was the recurring jokester for a lot of this episode, which was something new.

The next episode looks like a brand new feature inspired by Maeda Atsuko’s Hana Kimi drama, where the participants are dressed like schoolboys; it also looks like skits are involved. It’s looking good!

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  1. How can anyone not love Takamina? She was the one who made me an AKB fan…when she was co-hosting the show Mujack when Morning Musume came on and she was really funny with them. They did that segment with her and Takahashi Ai and later she was weeping about JunJun’s graduation speech. She’s such a sweet girl, there was no way I could not support her.

  2. Takamina looks absolutely amazing. She’s really a great idol. Why are the members so negative towards her?

    • I don’t think they’re negative towards her so much as it is them underestimating her idol-like qualities :D

      It’s probably because of she’s played the comedic “fail” character for a long time on AKBINGO, so whenever she does a challenge well it’s usually received with surprise. She makes herself ripe for being picked on because she does a good job rolling with the punches and making jokes.

  3. Awwwwww, my Amina… Nuuuuuuu!

  4. Dae watches iCarly?

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