Idol Digest – AKBINGO! #147 (08.10.2011)

08.03.2011 – AKBINGO! #147 [Link]

Sada screams, “Time Pressure Burger Battle Shop!!!”, kicking off this week’s ‘AKBINGO!’ episode. These burger-themed word games based on Taboo and Pictionary are always fun, and reveal how each member handles the pressure.

The orange Boss-burger Team consists of Kasai Tomomi, Shimada Haruka, Iwasa Misaki, Minegishi Minami, Ichikawa Miori, and Takeuchi Miyu.

The pink Kiyo-tucky Team has Sashihara Rino, Nakata Chisato, Maeda Ami, Oba Mina, Chikano Rina, and Kitahara Rie.

Let the battle begin!

Bossburger starts off this word game! The word is shown, and Kasai exclaims, “Acchan!”. Shimada follows it up with, “Baseball!”. Iwasa exclaims, “Minami o tsuretette!”(No real idea what that means), and Minegishi’s clue is, “Osaka”. The final clue come from Ichikawa, which is, “Summer”.

Now it’s time for Takeuchi Miyu to take all these hints and find out what the word is. She guesses “Koushien”, for its famous Koushien Stadium where they hold the National High School Baseball Tournament annually, and gets it right!

Now it’s time to Kiyo-tucky. The word is “Tokumitsu Kazuo”, a popular TV announcer in Japan. Sashihara takes a look at the word and says, “Namida!”. Chisato takes a long pause and says, “Physical Strength”. Maeda Ami takes a look and says, “Host”, and Oba Mina doesn’t say anything! Chikano Rino steps up and gives “Election” as the final hint. Kitahara contemplates the clues and gives “Tokumitsu-san” as the answer. She got it!

Unfortunately no, because Chikano Rino’s clue was one of the banned words for that game—double out! They both get smoked.

Boss-Burger is now back, and ready to go! Kasai looks at the word and says, “Kitarie” at the very last second. Shimada follows it up with “Bowl”, as in a “bowl of rice”. Iwasa takes a look and gives, “Nyoro Nyoro”, which is used to describe slipping or sliding. Minegishi gives, “Natsu bate taisaku”; I don’t know what it means, besides that it has something to do with summer and opposition. And the final clue from Ichikawa is, “Noru Noru”, which is yet another word for slippery or slimy. Takeuchi Miyu puts these clues together and says, “Eel”, which is correct!

Time for Kiyo-tucky to catch up. Their word is “Shaved ice”. Easy enough right?! Sashihara takes a quick look and immediately says, “Not Yet!”. Chisato looks at the word and says, “Oshima Yuko”. Maeda Ami says, “Summer”, followed by Oba Mina who gives the hint, “Surfing”(hinting at the name of Not Yet’s latest single). Chikano gives the final hint of “Sale”. Will Kitahara get it?!

NO! She said the full title of Not Yet’s single instead of just the word. Sashihara blames Chisato, Chikano and Oba for only giving hints related to the single, making Kitahara confused so they all get the punishment as well.

Now it’s Boss-Burger to go for the winning point! Kasai tries to come up with a word and puts out, “Lawn”. Shimada takes a look and immediately says “Yamaouchi Suzuran!”. Iwasa sees the word and exclaims, “Hole in One!”. Minegishi gives another person, “Miyasato Ai”, a Japanese golfer. Ichikawa looks and gives yet another famous golfer, “Tiger Woods!”. Takeuchi looks pretty confident with the answer and says, “Golf”.

And “Golf” it is! It’s one-sided win for Boss-Burger! Now it’s time for some good old fashioned Pictionary! The members will get a word, and they must take turns, adding to each other’s drawing, and make sure they are all connected by a line.

Now we have a few new members joining the line-up. Joining Team Kiyo-tucky is kenkyuusei member Suzuki Shihori and Nakagawa Haruka.

Here the word was “Shinkansen”, or “Bullet Train”, and the members created the picture adding one element at a time:

And Nakagawa got it! It’s now Boss-burger’s time and they have a member change-up as well, adding Nakatsuka Tomomi into the mix.

The word Boss-burger is “Dare/Test of Courage(?)”(I think), so let’s see how that turns out!:

Now I dunno what the hell this picture is supposed to really be, but Kasai didn’t see it either so it’s Boss-burger Team’s first loss! Apparently Minegishi was singled out for throwing off the drawing so she was thrown into the fire as well:

Now is Kiyo-tucky’s time to take this! They didn’t reveal the word to the viewers beforehand, so guess if you can figure out what it is:

If you guessed “Pegasus”, you’d be right! Nakagawa had no problem piecing it together either, making it another easy win for Kiyo-tucky.

Now it’s Boss-burger to try to change the tide of battle. Again, the word wasn’t shown to the viewers, so see if you can figure this one out(it’s pretty tough if you’re not familiar with Japanese media):

I didn’t know what the hell it was, and if you noticed, Takeuchi didn’t draw anything (LOL) but Kasai guessed correctly with “Sakana-kun”, a man who…well…just watch this:

Anyways, so Kasai wins a victorious point for Team Boss-burger, and Takeuchi gets sent to the punishment chair for her lack of participation:

Time’s up, so they couldn’t do the full 3 rounds, but Boss-burger wins for the most overall points, 4 to 2! The next episode is gonna be full of fashion, showcasing a number of members in their casual or dressy summer attire. I’m looking forward to it!

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