Idol Digest – AKBINGO! #146 (08.03.2011)

08.03.2011 – AKBINGO! #146 [Link]

With a rather musical opening, AKBINGO Dodgeball is back; this time with Uchida Mayumi and Iwasa Misaki thrown into the mix, who are participating for the first time! The red team consists of Iwasa Misaki, Uchida Mayumi, Oba Mina, Kasai Tomomi, Kobayashi Kana, Suzuki Mariya, and Minegishi Minami. The white team consists of Ichikawa Miori, Kitahara Rie, Shimada Haruka, Tanabe Miku, Nakagawa Haruka, Nakatsuka Tomomi, and Yonezawa Rumi.

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And right off the bat, Ichikawa Miori is pelted by Iwasa Misaki. The punishment is “Gum Pa-ching”, where the victim has to hold a thin, rubberband-like belt in their mouth while another person holds the other end and stretches the belt until they let go, or it inevitably snaps, with the belt lashing back and hitting the victim. While it’s a standard and kind of boring variety punishment to be honest, Ichikawa somehow brought it back for me. It took three tries for the punishment to actually work, and each time was hilarious. One point for the red team!

Hold on Ichikawa!

The next one out was none other than Uchida Mayumi from the red team, hit by Shimada Haruka. And the punishment is a visit by our favorite female pro wrestler, Erika-sama. It’s always hilarious when she appears, and there was a lot of set up for this particular visit. Not only was there a showdown between her and a staff member, but when Uchida mentions that she knew karate, Erika-sama tells Mayumi to kick her with a roundhouse. A point for the white team!

Uchida in an MC battle with Erika-sama

The next punishment was the one every AKB member dreaded the most: “Hazukashi Meiku”, or “Embarrassing Makeup”, though everyone knows it’s far more than just bad makeup, as previous episodes have proven. The one to go under the brush this time was Nakagawa Haruka, who’s transformation was a mix between your rich aunt and the Joker from Batman. Terrifying. One more point for the red team, who takes the lead!

The next match was over pretty quickly, when Kasai Tomomi put the beat-down on Shimada Haruka, making her undergo the dreaded ”Gechimono Sushi”, where she has to choose from a variety of types of sushi, only to be served a twisted version of it, usually involving insects. This time she orders maguro sushi, and surprisingly finds it delicious. Shimada is quickly growing as one of my favorites, she’s always up to the challenge and smartly funny. Another point for the red team!

Shimada quickly gets back into the game and takes out Oba Mina, who has a fairly unique punishment. while kneeling on a tower of pillows, she has to pull the one out directly under her, while still being able to land and balance on the pillow tower, similar to pulling out a rug from under yourself. No matter how many times I watched this segment, it makes me laugh every time. The white team starts catching up!

The next match doesn’t last long either, as Uchida pelts Kitahara Rie whilst unprepared. Her punishment was also a “AKBINGO” first; She is covered from head-to-toe in ink, and told to run directly into a padded wall to make an imprint with her body. Not only that, but she has to attempt to make an imprint that looks like the kanji character they present to her. She gets a rather easy one, and the result is nothing less than hilarious. I can’t wait to see more of this in the future. The red team gets yet another point!

The punishment announced was none other than the dreaded “Inaba Gohan”, or “Inaba Food”, which is an experimental dish that the show’s Assistant Director, Inaba, finds delicious. Unfortunately, 9 times out of ten, the dish is something that should never be consumed by humans. Funnily enough, Inaba’s favorite AKB member is Kasai Tomomi, and the announcement of “Inaba Gohan” basically meant one thing: “Aim for Kasai”.

Making sure not to break tradition and fueled by revenge, Shimada Haruka wastes absolutely no time, and takes out Kasai Tomomi almost immediately. The experimental dish Inaba lovingly presents is “Hachimi Soumen”, which is thin-noodles with honey. It didn’t sound that bad, but after seeing how Inaba prepared and ate the dish, it made me feel pretty sick. White gets another point, but still loses because the red team had a total of four points, against the white team’s three. Red team wins!

A long preview of AKB’s subunit DiVA’s single, ‘Cry’ was shown at the end of this episode, a song that I’ve grown to like, maybe even more than their debut. The outfits and clean presentation is pretty well done. Next week’s preview looks like more servings of “AKBurgers”! Uchida Mayumi’s segment was fantastic and I hope she keeps appearing in the future. This whole episode is a highlight, really. Dodge ball, punishments, and cute girls; it’s the perfect formula for a sadist like me!


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  1. Watching this week of AKBINGO! has been the most I’ve laughed in while, it had so many great moments. Being able to see Iwasa and Uchida was a bonus for me since I’ve been wanting to see them more lately. Watching Oba Mina face plant those cushions…..I’m laughing just thinking about it.

  2. I must have replayed Oba Mina’s faceplant like thirty times, I couldn’t stop laughing LOL

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