Idol Digest – AKBINGO! #164 (12.07.2011)

12.07.11 AKBINGO!#164 [Link]

Continuing from last week’s episode, it’s more Battle Burger! AKB vs SKE, WHO WILL HAVE THE UPPER HAND? Read more for the translations/run down.

The game this time is slightly tricky. It’s a game of shiritori with a twist. Each member has to say a word, and the next member has to take the last letter of the previous word and use it as the first letter for a new word.

The twist comes from the tray of chicken nuggets in front of them. They have to pick up a nugget from the tray for every letter in the word they choose. The goal is to balance long words and short words so that they use up the exact amount of nuggets in the tray by the end of the line(in this case, it’s a tray of 24 nuggets).

So, first up is Team AKB: Takeuchi Miyu, Shimada Haruka, Maeda Ami, Nito Moeno, Sakiko Matsui, and Ichikawa Miori.

Takeuchi: No-ra-ne-ko (stray cat)
Shimada Haruka: ko-a-ra (koala)
Maeda Ami: ra-i-o-n-ki-n-gu (Lion King)
Nito Moeno: ku-i (picket?)
Matsui Sakiko: I-ka-sa-shi (Squid Sashimi)
Ichikawa Miori: Shi-ma-u-ma (zebra)

CLEAR! They used up exactly 24!

Now Team SKE: Kuwabara Mizuki, Hiramatsu Kanako, Kizaki yuria, Takayanagi Akane, Hata Sawako, and Matsui Rena. After Kizaki shows off her hilariously terrible math skills and Hata Sawako gives the camera another psychotic stare, they’re ready to go:

Kuwabara: so-k-ku-su (socks)
Kanako: su-zu-me-ba-chi (wasp)
Kizaki: chi-ka-mi-chi
Takayanagi: chi-ka-te-tsu (subway)
Sawako: tsu-ke-mo-no (pickled vegetables)
Rena: no… no?

Out! Rena couldn’t think of a word in time. Flustered, she asks the MC if he knew words to fit and he says “noise” (no-i-zu), and “note” (no-o-to). So AKB leads by one point, and here they go again:

Takeuchi: mu-ra-sa-ki-i-mo (purple sweet potato)
Shimada: mo-zu-ku (seaweed)
Ami: ku-ri-su-ta-ru (crystal)
Moeno: ru-u-ma-ni-a (Romania)
Sakiko: a-me (rain)
Ichikawa: me-da-ka (medaka fish)

They clear it again! Now the have two points against the SKE team! Will they be able to catch up at this point?

Kuwabara: na-ge-t-to (nugget)
Kanako: to-ra-i-a-n-gu-ru (triangle)
Kizaki: ru-u-to (root)
Takayanagi: to-me-ga-ne (clasp)
Sawako: ne-zu-mi (rat)
Rena: mi-ka-n (nectarine)

They clear this round! They are only one point behind! Team AKB goes for a three-peat!

Takeuchi: hi-yo-ko (young bird)
Shimada: ko-ro-k-ke (croquette)
Ami: ke-i-ta-i-de-n-wa (cell phone)
Moeno: wa-se-i-e-i-go (terms made from english)
Sakiko: go-ma (sesame seeds)
Ichikawa: ma-ri (ball)

Clear once again, thanks to some smart word choices. Now, it’s SKE’s turn to try to bridge the gap again!

Kuwabara: he-so-ku-ri (savings)
Kanako: ri-su-to-ra (restructuring)
Kizaki: ra-k-ki (lucky)
Takayanagi: ki-sa-ku (scheme)
Sawako: ku-mo-n-shi-ki (I think the word has to do with Kumon learning program?)
Rena: (says something indistinguishable)

OUT! Even though whatever word Rena chose correctly filled the slots, there was an error made beforehand. Kizaki messed up, only taking 3 syllables instead of 4 (should be ra-k-ki-i, not ra-k-ki). Her bad number skillz cost them the win.

Next game they play tests their drawing skills and teamwork. Each team will be given something to illustrate, and each member is to add to the drawing as it comes by, leaving the last member to correctly guess the word given. The AKB team is now Maeda Ami, Fujie Reina, Ichikawa Miori, Shimada Haruka, Oya Shizuka, and Miyazaki Miho.

TEAM AKB goes first, and is given the word “basketball”. This is what they drew for Miyazaki to guess:

Miho guesses “summer”, so it’s zero points for Team AKB!

When asked about the pink blob on the right side, Oya says it’s Micheal Jordan. Miho defiantly says she doesn’t know who he is, not that she would have guessed that thing was Michael Jordan anyway. So now it’s SKE’s turn!

TEAM SKE, now with members Ogiso Shiori and Kanon, is given the word “kendo”, which is a sport used with wooden swords.

The drawing is insanely cryptic, but Ogiso guesses correctly somehow! The MC makes fun of the drawing, saying it looks like Chopper from One Piece. Team SKE is just one point behind!

TEAM AKB goes again, and they get the word “music conductor”. This is the result:

Myao guesses it’s a “gyaruo”, a man who imitates women fashion and hair, and gets blasted since the answer was wrong.

She looks closer and claims she got it, and says “Beethoven” with confidence. She got hit again.

TEAM SKE is given the word “bodybuilder”. Will they get it right?

Ogiso guesses “Bobby Ologun“, a Nigerian mixed martial artist who is a talent in Japan.

Out! AKB wins this episode by one point, three to two!

Miyazaki Miho’s reactions are awesome in this episode, even though she appeared only briefly. Her comedy is always intentionally hilarious; More Myao please!

There great MC and members interactions throughout but I think Battle Burger needs a well-needed rest from AKBINGO. Hope you understood the episode better! It closes out with Phrase Museum, a performance of Ue Kara Mariko, and next week’s AKBINGO looks like the return of idols wearing boys’ school uniforms!

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