I Love Miho and ‘Secret Base’

I just wanted to highlight a certain clip I recently came across that somehow tied Miyazaki Miho and ZONE together.

A casual karaoke contest was held with AKB members at the Aki Matsuri Concert, and the “rat pack”, consisting of Minami Minegishi, Miyazaki Miho, Sashihara Rino, and Kitahara Rie, chose to do ZONE’s major hit single ‘Secret Base’.

ZONE started out an 8-member idol group that eventually turned into a 4-member band, having each of the remaining members learn how to play an instrument. After a few singles of mediocre and low sales, they hit a home run with their 4th single, ‘Secret Base~Kimi ga Kureta Mono~’, selling over 700 thousand copies and becoming mainstream. The group quickly burned out however, when the lead guitarist left the group in 2003, just two years after they became popular. They tried to keep the band going for about a year before they disbanded early 2005. They’ve left a legacy behind, as ‘Secret Base’ later became covered by many musicians such as ‘Friends’, ‘Mana Kana’ and ‘SCANDAL’.

At ZONE’s last concert at the sold-out Budoukan, their final song was ‘Secret Base’. It’s an awesome song, and one of the most amazing concert endings I’ve ever seen:

Now, let’s talk about Miyazaki Miho. Ever since I became a fan of AKB48, Miyazaki Miho has always delivered the biggest laughs. It may come off as loud or obnoxious, but it’s always smart with precision timing. I think she and I have identical funny bones, and that’s why she’s among my absolute favorites.

These members’ version of ‘Secret Base’ is a perfect example:

The whole ZONE skit was pretty funny, but Miyazaki Miho really sold the parody. From her smartly funny “Arigato!” to her obnoxiously bad harmonizing, it embodies everything I like about Miho. I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard in a long time. I’m not that familiar with ZONE of course, but I love that they decided to do this song, as they were probably fans and watched this concert back in 2005.


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  1. Woww! Thank you Dae for turning me ON! Turning me on to something AWESOME!
    I came into the idol scene from varying musical background, not just Japanophelia, and always hoped for a little something more from idol groups. I’ve come to appreciate them for what they are and what they do, but now I’ve found something to fill that minuscule hole in my cardiac organ.


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