I Have Created My Own Super Idol… and You can too I guess.

Very rarely do I fall in love with my creations. Well to be honest, I fall in love with practically anything I make, but this… THIS is my masterpiece. My pièce de résistance. I have created my very own super idol, taking the best from the best and creating a best-est. What makes her the “est” of bests? Well, because I made her of course. She is practically perfect in every way, and I have named her… Roxer. Don’t ask. :

Roxer is a year younger than me, loves winter, hates hot weather with a passion, a prodigy at the electric guitar and we have jam sessions whenever there’s time. If you know what I mean.

Blunt but not cold, reserved but never a wallflower, proactive as well as reactive, she is the perfect idol. You want your own perfect idol too, you say? Well Ice no Mi’s site is happy to help you create your very own super idol, letting you mix and match all of AKB member’s facial features to create it. Fair warning, like any other face-creator, it takes plenty of fidgeting to get what you want. Post yours in the comments if you like, with as much or as little background info on her as you want!


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  1. Looks like you made a snazzy version of Shimazaki Haruka.

  2. Wow this seems great! Its a shame by laptops broken (using PS3 to leave comment and the Ice no mi site doesnt on load PS3) otherwise I would be creating a super idol right now. It will interesting to see some of the bizarre creations people come up with.

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