I Guess I Should Have Known

While in Japan last month, I came about the topic of a singer that I didn’t know but I guess should have. I was playing Rhythm Tengoku for GBA with my girlfriend and the song above, Koi no Honey Sweet Angel, played. I mentioned that I really liked the song but didn’t know who the artist was. She looked at me surprised as the singer Tokito Ami is apparently a huge name among the Otaku crowd, my girlfriend assumes me to be a huge nerd and worries about how entrenched I am into the world of idols and video games.

After doing a bit more research into the subject, I found that I’ve run across Tokito Ami’s works in the past and not just limited to Rhythm Tengoku. She also did the opening for School Rumble Season 2 called Sentimental Generation. There’s also a clip of a music video I saw on a Japanese Music Program that I always wondered who it was, but since it was just a clip, I never found out who, turns out it was her. The song was I’m a Lady.

In the end, I found this song to be my favorite. It’s a cover of an older Idol song.

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