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I’ve said it before in an earlier post but I still haven’t expressed how ecstatic and grateful I am for an official AKB48 channel on youtube.  Before this channel it’s been an endless struggle between overseas fans and record companies—- pulling teeth, scheming, and finding some way to bring this material to people in different countries. Everyone who blogs about media know how frustrating it is to put up a video for readers, only to have it taken down a day or two later, making the post irrelevant.  Clicking on a video and having it say “sorry, this video has been taken down” is the bane of blogs.

AKB48 youtube channel, thank you.  Now I can post these and share it with everyone:

(Yasai Sisters)

(UNDERGIRLS – Namida no Seesaw Game)

(Lucky Seven)

(Heavy Rotation)

I also want to say I appreciate that AKS has been stepping it up with their releases this year. More than two PVs in a release for one single?  That was pretty much unheard of until Ponytail to Shushu, and it’s been that way ever since.  It will also be the case for Beginner; they sure are putting their current wealth to good use.

These PVs which released with Heavy Rotation were uploaded on the channel pretty recently since Beginner will be releasing in a week. BEGINNER HYPE.  I’m in a pretty good mood.

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