Horror Movie, Schmorror Movie.

every idol and their grandma are getting roles in horror movies, but this one, ‘X games’ or ‘batsu games’, actually looks somewhat disturbing.  it looks like it could be campy, cheap fun, but the crazy part is that nakagawa haruka is in this film; one of the most energetic and friendly girls from AKB48, and a member of the sub unit ‘watarirouka hashiritai’.

following the western trend of violence porn films like the ‘saw’ series, a group of students are trapped in a room, with a television and an eerie voice giving them directions to play twisted, deadly games.

the trailer doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

hmmmm…so do i watch this movie where she most likely dies in one of the most painful ways imaginable, or do i skip out on it, even though i’ve vowed to watch pretty much anything with nakagawa in it?

“do i look through a book with her in scantily clad clothing” is a different kind of contemplation from “do i watch this movie where people stick a branding rod into my idol’s neck”.  don’t you think so?

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