Hip to the Hop

So I use to be really into Hip hop back in my younger years. growing up in a more urban area,  I was exposed alot to the hip hop culture and I guess you could say I was the Asian kid shouting out AZN and talking very ghetto.

Thankfully that phase in my life went away, but hip hop music has always kept my interested over the years. Not so much the drugs and shooting and the “shawtys”, more so rapping in general I find very talented and usually the hip hop music I listen to is more so feel good and puts you in a good mood.

Most of the hip hop music I listen to nowadays is coming from South Korea, there are a few bands in particular that I usually keep an eye out for their next releases since the music they churn out is always a hit. Click the jump to take a listen.

First one is Untouchable. Their music is usually very upbeat and uplifting. I can usually count on them to put out really good singles that can keep my head bopping and the songs be set to repeat.

Next Band is Mighty Mouth. You will probably notice that both bands have a similar up beat sound to them. Both songs have a very nice female voice complimenting the songs. It sort of indulges my kpop fix along with a catchy beat.

Last group that I will be mentioning is Epik High. They are VERY well established in the kpop scene and most of their singles are usually hits, I think what sets them apart from other hip hop groups is their swagger, They are very confident in their music and when you hear them do interviews they are all about the music and not so much about the business side of it. They own their own record label so that gives them 100% freedom over the musical direction and what they want to produce, and not so much what would “sell”. One of the few kpop groups out there that are in it for purely the music. They are one of those groups that when you listen to them its like they are telling you a story, their flow is very poetic coupled with the fact that the beats they create are hypnotic. Favorite Hip group in Korea hands down.

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