Hi-Chew. My Chew. IU?

Most of us know and love Hi-Chew; a starburst-like, fruit-flavored candy from Japan, manufactured by Morinaga.  Then there’s My Chew, a starburst-like, fruit-flavored candy from Korea, by Crown.

I got a couple packages of this My Chew candy from a friend who recently visited Korea; and while it’s not as tangy or as sweet as Hi-Chew, it’s a good alternative if you want something more subtle with less punch.

As a sidenote, the grape flavor package(apple is a way better flavor) had IU on it:

Get it?  My Chew?  IU?  It works better in Korean.


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-Dae, aka Mizu -Writer, broadcaster, and podcaster on New School Kaidan


  1. Oh man, this stuff is great! You know, it’d be great if you guys did reviews on foreign products along with the idol coverage.

  2. I’ll take anything with IU – she’s amazing!! Check her out on YouTube if you’ve never heard her before. I like when she accompanies herself on guitar in quieter songs. Beautiful voice. <3

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