“Heroine ni Narou Ka!”: If Only Heroin could Make this More Exciting to Watch.

H!P, please. All I ask for is one entertaining PV. Scary Gaga makeup is not entertaining for 5 minutes. A light show is not entertaining for 5 minutes. Girls staring at things is not entertaining for 5 minutes. All these put together is not entertaining for 5 minutes, but unfortunately that is all this PV has to offer from Berryz Koubou’s latest single, ‘Heroine ni Narou Ka!’.

But it’d be a lie if I said I was bored throughout the entire video: Aside from the neat introduction, I got three solid seconds of entertainment at 03:28, where they do a cool formation.

The criticism I have for this video is the same I’ve had for most of H!P’s PV releases this year: throwing more money at it doesn’t make for a better PV. This PV has some decent production and editing behind it; worlds more than ‘Shining Power’ and ‘Maji Bomber’s terri-bad music videos, but as far as entertainment goes, it’s almost on the same level. What a wasted investment.

The set they created for the dance scenes and intro are really impressive. It looks like a combination of lights being projected onto the set and lights from set itself, creating some really cool visuals.

My awe was short-lived however, when I saw the outfits they were wearing. If you go out of your way to create a cool set, wouldn’t you make the girls perform in something other than casual clothes? It ended up taking away from the experience because I felt it was clashing. It felt like the close-up singing shots and the dance shots should have switched costumes. I’d rather see them dance with the crazy costumes and platinum wigs in a dynamic room than with regular clothes you’d see at anyone’s party. And what’s with the makeup in the first place? So many things just seem thrown together without purpose.

The song is somewhat predictable, in line with what Tsunku has been doing lately; an electro-centric song with a melancholy tone, a la Morning Musume’s ‘Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game’ and C-ute’s ‘Kiss Me Aishiteru’, both of which I like more than this song. There’s not much in the song for me to grab onto—the melody wears itself out quickly and the instrumentals are nowhere near as interesting as something like ‘Kiss Me Aishiteru’. Just bad luck I guess.

‘Heroine ni Narou Ka!’
Berryz Kobo
Releases March 2nd


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  1. Put a white wig and some random make up and you’ll get a bunch of lady gaga.


  2. I agree. Even if you do appreciate everyday fashion on an idol (which I can) it’s out of place. On top of that the group shots are far away, the room is dark and the moves (when present) are stale. The flat unharmonious vocals over 2003 Eurobeats rehash doesn’t help. Seems like the pieces were strewn together.

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