Hello! Project Power Rankings Feb 2014

Hello Project Power Rankings

It’s Hello Project’s turn to get their groups ranked.

Morning Musume '14
This is not your parents Morning Musume. MM has come a long way since the "dark days," but persistence has paid off. With a new musical direction, they've hit a chord with the current generation. Or maybe it's just Sayumi's leadership.

I'm absolutely excited about the potential behind H!P's fruit themed group. Much like AKS's HKT48, Juice=Juice is in prime position to offer their promotions' headlining group some healthy competition. My only worry is that another H!P group with standout members shared similar powerhouse beginnings...
Berryz Koubou

It's hard to understand why Berryz Koubou is not blowing up the idol world. They have great members, glowing personalities. You'd think the "Idol Boom" would have benefited one of the longest tenured groups. But to this day, Berryz Koubou still have not had a Number 1 Oricon Weekly Singles Ranking. Maybe they should rethink some of their song titles?
C-ute edges out S/mileage but barely. Both groups have undergone some major updates. C-ute's current visual style suits them great. Much improved over some of their past looks, ie Laker Girls. But I lack confidence in the direction they'll be pushed.
I'm really trying to embrace the new S/mileage. Their music confuses me but I'm starting to warm up to it. We can't go back to the past. And we have to move forward no matter how great it was. But man, if you look at the last few single covers, S/mileage looks doomed to become THAT one H!P trademark look. I much preferred that signature S/mileage look.

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