Hasegawa comments on Yuzu’s hiatus from Team Syachihoko


The eccentric and much adored pink member of Team Syachihoko, Ando Yuzu was diagnosed for vertigo on November of last year. Her appearances in lives have been cancelled one after another since then, and it seems like not enough sufficient recovery was made, as the announcement for Ando Yuzu’s activities to be on indefinite hiatus was posted on the official blog.

While it is not the same situation as Hayami Akari (Momoiro Clover Z) or Sarasaki Towa (Tacoyaki Rainbow) who left by their own volition, the “curse” of 6-member Stardust groups turning into five can be categorized as a pattern.

Yuzu has had spotty history with health issues as of late, the most notable being her foot injury that led her to perform in a wheelchair in 2015 for their Makuhari Hollywood concert. Vertigo however, is something she has little control over, and is not nearly as straight forward as a physical injury.

Graciously translated into english by nemurenatta of Momoiroclover.net Hasegawa Minehiko, announced:

Thank you for always supporting Team Syachihoko. I am Hasegawa of Stardust Entertainment Section 3, in charge of Team Syachihoko. I will make an important announcement in regards to Andou Yuzu.

Since October of last year, due to her poor health, she was allowed to rest. Her condition is vertigo.

Since the timing of her return was set for the end of last year, she returned to taking individual lessons, but at the present moment, from an entertainment standpoint, she has not rehabilitated to the point of working or performing live. There is no visible prediction on her recovery from now on, and after speaking directly with her parents, the result was that she would officially quit her activity via an indefinite hiatus.

To everyone who has supported Andou, we are filled with feelings of thanks and feelings of apology. Since their 2012 debut on the streets with Andou, the six of them have always acted together. From here on out, the days of the past with Andou will not be erased, and without denial that the reality that Andou is gone, all the members concerned decided to move on completely before being burdened by this, good or bad.

In Team Syachihoko, in the hearts of both the members and myself, we intend to work as 6. Until we dissolve, we will be 6. I believe we are that strong.
From now on, we are blessed if Andou Yuzu and the other 5 members are able to receive everyone’s service.

Everyone, kindly, after this, please continue to support us.

-Stardust Promotion, Inc.
Hasegawa Minehiko, in charge of Team Syachihoko

It’s certainly saddening news, and it’s good to read Hasegawa’s thoughts on the matter. Team Syachihoko will always be a six-member group to those who have followed Team Syachihoko up to now, and similar to Hayami Akari to Momoiro Clover, it seems like Yuzu’s impact and remembrance as an active member will be celebrated whenever it can.

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