Hana Kimi 2011 Just Got Better

As it gets closer and closer to the premiere of Hana Kimi with Maeda Atsuko as the lead(Ashiya Mizuki), I can’t help but get hyped. After seeing Maeda transform into her character and hearing a lot of good things about the original drama, my anticipation is cranked to 11. But what I just heard today cranked it up even higher: Kashiwagi Yuki was confirmed to play Kishinosato Juri, a rich-girl rival of Maeda’s character.

It’s a mighty suspicious coincidence considering Kashiwagi’s surprise jump to 3rd place in the recent senbatsu elections that she would get such a high profile role, but seeing how this series airs in just 2 weeks, it seems more likely that Kashiwagi was chosen for the role long before the elections took place.

I know Kashiwagi’s acted in Majisuka and Sakura Kara no Tegami but they’ve been similarly reserved characters, so I’m really looking forward to seeing her play an antagonist role. Kashiwagi’s image has always been that of a pampered rich girl with a dark side, so one may say that this is a perfect role for her to play; fan service at its best. I’m always a sympathizer of evil female antagonists, so Kashiwagi Yuki’s role in Hana Kimi and Kojima Haruna’s role in Ikemen Desu Ne sounds like the perfect storm to me.


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  1. Kashiwagi for President! This drama is going to be so awesome.

    I’d love to see Kashiwagi in such a role and the outfit looks DINO-MITE.

    Who are we kidding, we don’t need to be conspiracy theorists to know that the elections were rigged and Takamina did 9/11,

  2. I now suddenly find myself interested in this drama. Kashiwagi as an antagonist should be really interesting to watch.

  3. I’m a huge Hana Kimi fan. Probably my favorite drama. Because of this, I’m a bit sad that its being remade with a new lead, when the original cast was so great and fun to watch. I’ve also re-watched the series on multiple occasions, so I’ve grown to truly see those actors as their Hana Kimi acts.

    Its going to be hard to accept a new cast. With that said, I’m also super excited to see its Maeda Atsuko playing Ashiya. This is going to be love hate for me, but very fun to say the least. And altough I love the original Astuko played by Maki Horikita, I think Maeda is a good successor to the look.

    Living up to some of the cute body language of Maki Horikita will be a challenge though.

    Truthfully the lead role is least of my concern though, since I was in love with Sano’s actor Shun Oguri. His replacement will really make or break the show for me. Either way, having Maeda in it, will make it worth watching, I just don’t know if I’ll enjoy it as Hana Kimi, or as Maeda’s fan.

  4. I`m just going to watch it for shits and giggles.

  5. Man looking forward to this Drama even more now! And what a boon for the producers of this show who must of chosen Yukirin for the role before the elections and thenshe comes out third so not only do they have the face of AKB they also have the girl who ranked third and that people are talking about, high fives all round for that one.

    Hmm why do I want Yukirin to sorta actually be this character in her idol life too though…..

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