i received an email from CD Japan telling me that they have shipped AKB48’s latest single, Heavy Rotation, and that it should arrive in a few days.  it won’t be long until i hold the hefty, double-disc case, pristinely packaged with vivid jackets and sleek cellophane, promising me catchy songs, cute dances, and takahashi.

though i own many of their singles (with my limited edition ‘Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou’ on it’s way, and still hunting for ‘Namida Surprise’), this is my first up-to-date purchase of AKB’s single releases, so it’s pretty exciting.

with this news, thinking up ideas for japancast, and my broadcasting project starting to work out(after hours of toiling and uncertainty), i feel pretty good.

on an unrelated note, atron’s been hatin’ on kojima.

that shit is hella whack.

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