Good Song, Good Anime


I’m watching Beck right now. An anime about making friends and forming a band. Early in the series, the main character gets roped into performing at a talent contest with a friends sister, form he has a thing for. Here’s a clip of them performing the song “Follow Me” by the fictional band the Rocket Boys


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  1. How mad is that, an anime video!

  2. Beck is one of the few anime where the dub actually blows the original out of the water, with a great example being this song…you’ve probably heard both by now, but the English version of Follow Me is just superb. The songs with English lyrics just sound better all around when the dub actors do them, all of whom are fantastic singers to boot. Too bad there isn’t a full version of this one floating around somewhere (that I know of), since I’d love to hear the English track with the awesome guitar solo of the Beat Crusaders’ original. Here’s hoping that the live action movie in the works can compete with how good the anime is.

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