Good Idea, Bad Execution.

AKB48 has taken some large strides towards making themselves accessible and known overseas.  There has been tons of overseas concerts and promotions, created “Super Epou” tickets for the AKB theater, opened a Youtube channel, and gave the official website english translations.  The next logical step forward would be to open up an official space on the largest social networking site around—Facebook.  As much as I would like to tell you that was case, it seems they’re into something most of us groan at the mention of: Myspace.

The AKB48 Official Myspace page isn’t all that bad; there’s a lengthy, informative essay about Akimoto Yasushi and AKB48, there’s news about the 19th single, as well as previews of their songs and a picture roster of the members.  The problem lies in that none of us in the states really bring up our Myspace pages anymore, and it’s something we consider a hassle to do.

Maybe it has to do with the number of Japanese fans not in the Facebook Network?  Or maybe management is just behind the times?  Hopefully the exposure will bring them more fans, but I probably won’t be checking this site for updates.


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  1. Oh man, Myspace. I haven’t used that in years.

    Hopefully it will win them some new fans at least.

  2. I think you’re right about not having Japanese fans on Facebook. A lot of my favorite Japanese bands have Myspace pages but no Facebook.

    But damn, Myspace is awful, it’s just people advertising their bands on other peoples walls.

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