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What’s happening? We’re gettin’ a little thing going for our loyal followers out there.
A while back I posted the Weekly Shonen Sunday featuring Kashiwagi Yuki. Well, that issue came with a little swag and here’s your chance to score!

All you have to do is post a reply to this thread, as a registered reader, telling us how you found out about NSK, what you’d like to see here, oshimen and favorite song.

Out of the first hundred posts two lucky (randomly selected) winners have the chance to win an AKB48 funky school sheet protector or a large wall size, double sided Yukirin poster showing her in two of the outfits featured in the issue.


Good Luck, and we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

About NSK

New School Kaidan is a community-focused website for the Japanese idol industry international fan base. Between podcasts, broadcasts, events, and analytic articles, New School Kaidan aims to bring an understanding of idol culture to the masses.

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  1. I found out about NSK as I was browsing intlwota for my daily idol news fix. A Tokyo Girls’ Style PV review brought me here, although ironically TSG is probably my least favourite idol group at the moment. I really enjoy what you guys are doing and your interactivity sets you apart from the wota community. I have followed NSK live broadcasts a few times (under the username AnnabelleXD if it rings a bell) and I’m also subscribed to the NSK YouTube channel. I would like to see more YT videos and most especially an NSK show; maybe a cross between the regular podcast mixed with the streams? Basically, I want video idol comments. That would be great. Oh, my oshimen is Watanabe Mayu and my favourite 48 song is Warota’s Gyu. My favourite idol ever is Mano Erina and I envy Tron for getting her card in that UTB issue.

  2. I found NSK when it was still 4playerJapancast (like, a month or two before the name change) by browsing I believe it was the gaming section of JTV. I checked out the stream for a while and found the site itself from a link in chat. From there I started reading articles and listening to the podcast and the rest as they say is history. Sadly I don’t have the time to watch the broadcast like I used to (my 2meg internet connection not really helping matters either) but whenever I need my idol fix, this is the first place I come to.

    I’d like to see more video content on the site (like that room video that Tron has been promising forever) and a way for commenters to interact more (more discussion topics on the site, for example). I enjoy talking about idols and it’d be cool if there was a way I could do it on the site itself because as I mentioned I’m not always around for streams so I guess I’m probably missing out by not being in chat when those are happening.

    My one oshimen to rule them all is Matsui Jurina from SKE48 and you can hear me gush about how amazing she is if you search for the post David made about her and Rena a while back.

    My favourite song is Team PB’s Enkyori Poster which also happened to be the first AKB (and possibly even idol) related music video I ever saw so it holds that much more of a special meaning to me as it was my gateway into this wonderful fandom.

    • It dawns on me that I never did actually register for the site, oops.

      I’ll save people the scrolling and not re-paste what I wrote above but yeah, this is my official account and stuff and things.

  3. I really don’t want these things. I am not in a position where I can receive things like this (I live with closeminded parents, I live halfway around the world, I don’t have my own room). So, please don’t choose me. Thank you for running this contest, though. I just feel like sharing, though.

    I found out about NSK through 4PP. I heard David mention that “J-cast was back” so that was when I took interest in this site. I had been wanting to find a good site and podcast to learn more about Japanese music. I did not know where to start so I started here.

    I love what you guys are doing now. I would suggest that you guys just make more Youtube vids. They are really entertaining.

    I don’t have an oshimen yet. I just got into idols recently and I have been having a hard time choosing. All the AKB girls have their appeal. I would say that I think Shinoda Mariko is the prettiest but she is not necessarily my favorite. And I don’t know the H!P girls very well apart from Berryz Koubou and MM.

    Favorite song? That’s hard. My favorite AKS song is probably Heavy Rotation or Aitakatta. I have not heard enough older H!P work to decide on that.

    • I second that. I can’t really receive these gifts, so please don’t choose me either (I’m not trying to use reverse psychology, I swear). Anyhow, I would still like to share how I came across NSK. Like everyone else, I first heard about ye olde Japancast Academy through David during 4pp’s livestreams. From there I came across the blog, which I think was initially called “rock liao’s blog” or something like that, and at the time I wasn’t really into idols but I was into Japanese culture nevertheless so I would occasionally read a few posts hear and there.

      The first time I’ve seen a video of an idol was David’s post of Yossie in a maid dress, but during that time I knew next to nothing about Yossie or Morning Musume. I brushed it off as just an attractive japanese girl being cute. I thought nothing more of it. But, now I recognize Yossie in everything she does. There were even times when David would broadcast games on 4pp’s channel and in between he would play akb48’s Bingo! PV. Again, I was completely oblivious to it and moved along.

      On many occasions David would express his adoration for the idol scene either through the live broadcasts or through his blog. His passion for idol groups convinced me to look into morning musume myself and see what the fuss was all about. That’s when I came across episodes of hello! morning and their guest appearances on utaban. The appeal of the idol world suddenly clicked with me. These girls had lovable, cute personalities. Their music was equally adorable as well as fun and energetic with Mr. Moonlight and Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari being some of the most memorable PVs for me at the time.

      Suddenly, I was swept into this idol craze which led to many other groups like akb48. I followed david’s blog up to the start up of Japan Cast’s transition into the now NSK. Because of you guys, I’ve become infatuated with the idol world. I’ve been enlightened with a side of Japanese culture that I was entirely ignorant of and even today I’m still learning about all the intricacies of their music, their lifestyles, and their fandom. I also wanted to say that, because of idol variety shows, I learned a lot more about Japan than I did through anything else.

      What I’d like to see from NSK are more insightful interviews with individuals who are versed in the idol scene or in Japanese culture in general.

      I’m still indecisive when it comes to who my oshimen would be, but currently i would have to go with Takeuchi Miyu. Her appearance in the most recent muchaburi dodgeball sold it for me.

      My favorite song is Morning Musume’s Ikkimasshoi.

  4. I typed “akb48 podcast” into google and found what was then call Japancast Academy. I’d like the first seven episodes and the rest of the akb draft to be posted. My oshimen is Takahashi Minami and my favorite 48 song is tentatively “Blue Rose”.

  5. I found out about NSK through meeting Tron on Textfugu. On a different note, I found about David before NSK when someone on teamspeak who doesn’t like AKB started talking about melon miso soup and Inaba. I’m like “How the fcuk do you know Inaba and melon miso soup” so the person ent me a link and it was David eating melon miso soup.

    What I’d like to see are NSK homemade videos probably all together or something (not subbed videos). I think you can appeal to even more people if you made more videos. Though I guess you’d have to be prepared for “normal” people who be all like “what the fcuk is this shit”

    推しメン = Tomochin and Chiyuu

    Favorite song: none, they all good

  6. Well as Yukirin is my Oshi I got this mag (it was for the poster really) can’t quite remember how I found this site, destiny perhpas? :) ….. more likely through an article on Internation Wota or something like that, I do know that was back in the days of the, what I like to call mythical times of the Japancast Acedemy!

    What would I like to see here? Well actually you guys do a pretty good job covering most of the things I’m interested in, I would of said something about show recaps but you have started that up recently with you Idol digest feature, perhpas something along the lines of a guest post or something every month, I know you have viewer questions now in your podcats, infact you answered one of mine, but maybe a post to e-mail to you guys to put up on a topic we want to discuss and put it on this site

    As for my favorite song, Temodemo no Namida both because I like it as a song and also for sentimental reasons as it is the song that started my interest in Yukirin.

  7. I found NSK because one day a few months ago I was surfing through justin tv searching for a kpop stream and by accident I clicked on them. The first video I saw them streaming was the Ponytail video which ironically was the 1st AKB song I ever heard back a year ago. I sat and watched the whole stream and then became interested in what else they would broadcast and I have been watching and listening the podcasts every since.

    Oshimen: Matsui Rena/Masuda Yuka
    Favorite song: Two roses/Oogoe Diamond

  8. I found NSK while doing checking on the various forums I visit and saw it linked on nihongogo. Saw the giveaway and decided to enter. Glad I did decided to visit the link since the content here looks solid.

    Haven’t visited here enough to decide what I want to see more of. =/

    Oshimen: Oshima Yuko
    Favorite song: Korogaru ishi ni nare

  9. I found NSK back in January when I first got into AKB. I believe I googled “Japanese Idol Podcast” and this was the first link. I started listening to every podcast from there on. I really like the dynamic of you three while you talk about idols.

    I don’t think there’s anything else really that I would like to see since you’ve been interacting with the community by answering questions making more news posts and idol digest posts. Perhaps you could do more reviews, I really enjoy reading about Dae’s interpretations of music videos.

    My oshimen would have to be Kashiwagi Yuki and favorite song would have to be Yokaze no Shiwaza.

    Keep up the good work guys!

  10. I have found NSK from 4PlayerPodcast. At first, it was named 4PlayerJapanCast until i heard some sort of news that their domain name was bought out or something like that. I enjoyed watching idols do many funny things and enjoyed their music. I never really chatted inside the chat because i am always like that (._. ). There is one thing that i can’t hold though. NSK has changed my life in a big way. I used to just listen to Japanese music and wouldn’t worry about what they are saying, but now i am learning Japanese.

    Things that i would enjoy seeing is some LIVE footage of the podcast. It is the same idea from 4PlayerPodcast, but there is nothing wrong with adopting it either.

    Hmmm, my oshimen would either be Watanabe Mayu or Sayaka Akimoto. I’ll have to go with Sayaka Akimoto.

    Currently my favorite song is AKB48 – RIVER. Pretty old, BUT SO GOOD!! :)

    Continue making podcast and don’t let any haters get in your way!

    EDIT: SORRY FOR DOUBLE POST! I just realized i wasn’t logged in /(T-T)\

  11. I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I attribute my idol fandom solely to NSK (back in the Japancast Academy days). I listened to a lot of J-rock back then, I never would have imagined myself listening to idol music. But I was a fan of 4pp, and I share a lot of music tastes with David (I think), so I gave it a shot and listened to some podcasts, and showed up to some broadcasts. I still remember asking “who’s this?”, during the Seishun no Flag PV, and now I’m a huge Watarirouka fan. You guys have great chemistry on the shows, everyone brings something a little different to the table. Also I like that you aren’t just blind wotas, you have a realistic perspective on the industry and are able to make meaningful conversation about it.

    Basically I’d just like to see more content, the more the better. Maybe more reviews, opinion articles, but you’re on the right track with those idol digests. Also, maybe some more top 5 or top 10 podcasts, or just something else to fill the week outside of the usual podcast. Also, I look forward to seeing more from the new writers!

    I’ve got too many oshimen: Ota Aika, Komori Mika, Abe Maria, basically all of Team 4. My favorite song is Namida no Seesaw Game.

    I’m not able to show up to all the broadcasts or comment on every post, but I do read them, and I think there’s a lot of people out there like me, so don’t underestimate yourselves! I look forward to seeing more great content!

  12. Like many other people, I found out about NSK through 4PP and learned about David’s interest in idols which got me here. It was when David played songs like Gyu and Valentine Kiss on their console while we waited for them to come back to continue the stream one time. This was also how i became a AKB fan, before i just knew about them and didn’t have any interest in listening to their music. So exasperatingly speaking, David was the one that changed the game for me, and I’m grateful :p

    What I would like to see is more for now are videos. I’m not saying the podcast suck or anything, hell Im enjoying as much as the next guy around here. But more videos would definitely help make it more interesting and fun. (Ex. videos of going to live shows/events or witnessing any Idol related things)

    My oshi….if I have to choose one right now, it would be harunyan aka. Kojiharu. But seriously like David, I wouldn’t say that i actually have one because I like so many of them almost equally. Like Takamina, Miichan, Harunyan as i mentioned already (No3b FTW!!!!!), Tomochin, Acchan, Mayuyu, Yuko, Yukirin, Mariko-sama, and the list goes on….
    So yea, I don’t actually have an Oshi because they all have their own charm which makes me impossible to choose who is my #1 >.<"

    My favourite song always changes too lol…Idol wise, currently it is AKB's "Anata ga ite kureta kara", gives me goosebumps everytime i hear it. Non Idol favourite currently would be flumpool's "Donna Mirai nimo Ai wa Aru". Yes, I also listen to other genre of music, pop, rock, electronica, etc…

    Well that's pretty much an extremely brief summary about me, and I hope to see more from NSK =D

  13. 1. Mizu’s shameless plug at nihongogo got me here. Found podcast and so far so good.

    2. I’m still new to this site so I’m not sure what I’d like to see. The AKB episode recaps are nice. Sorta picks up what we (gogo) stopped doin. Since we don’t do episode subs, we don’t do episode summaries anymore either. But so far, the idol podcast is what stands out imo. Subbed pvs are nice but not necessary for me. I’ve added the blog to my google reader.

    3. My 推しメン is 梅田彩佳.
    4. Favorite song: too many to count. So off the top of my head Zannen Shoujo, Beginner.

  14. (Realized you said “registered users”, reposting as a registered user. Didn’t even know I could reg on this site lol)

    I had been searching on the net for a AKB news site and ran into NSK. Instantly fell in love with NSK due to it having pop casts, which I spent a lot of time catching up on. What I’d like to see from NSK is more focus on the youtube channel. I leave comments there, never get answers. Videos are few and far between and I feel there’s tons of stuff you guys could upload. I’d love to see everyone’s rooms and collections, perhaps unboxing and product type reviews, etc.

    My Oshi? Been a AKB fan for a year now but can’t claim an Oshi. I have weekly spans of “oshi”. I hate being the type of person who can’t give a straight answer in regards to favoritsm, etc. Usually I have favorites for everyhting.. but in AKB I love just too many of the girls. Choosing one would make me feel I’m doing others an injustice.

    But since I do have flavors of the month, the members I’ve been really into lately are Sato Amina, Maeda Ami, Yukirin and Ota Aika.

    SKE48 wise, Matsui Rena is my Oshi though. So she is by default one of my tops. I just can’t do the same for AKB.

    Favorite song? Same issue I had with picking an oshi really. But my tops are Oogoe Diamond, ALIVE, Chance no Junban, Majijo Teppen Blues and Iiwake Maybe.

  15. I did get what you meant my registered user til know, so here’s my post again.

    I typed “akb48 podcast” into google and found what was then call Japancast Academy. I’d like the first seven episodes and the rest of the akb draft to be posted. My oshimen is Takahashi Minami and my favorite 48 song is tentatively “Blue Rose”.

  16. I found out about NSK through the International Wota chat room. Tron posted a link to NSK and we decided to meet up Sakura-con. Eventually I ran into Tron standing in line for Berryz Koubou autograph tickets. We got to chatting and eventually he introduced me to Dae (mentioning our common interest in Sayumi) and David.

    What I would like to see on NSK is a video broadcast of the podcast. And the eventual video of Tron’s room.

    My oshimen is Natsuyaki Miyabi. I loves me some Miya.

    Favorite song is Morning Musume’s Memory Seishun no Hikari.

  17. (im not really interested in the prize but here goes)

    I’m a 4pp fan and I show support to any member. I wasn’t around when there was japancast so I came here as soon as I heard it from David. I’m honestly not familiar with Idoling, its honestly not my cup of tea, but your conversations are making this pill easier to swallow. I would like to see some more anime and music content from Japan, but I totally understand your theme for this site and I will respect it. Keep up the good work!

    I don’t know what a oshimen is, but right now i’ll try something as close to it and that is Chocolate Disco by Perfume?…..i’m really not familiar with this.

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