Girls Under Perfect Circumstances

Will we ever see another perfect storm that was Kimi no koto ga suki dakara? All the members who came together to create what became the number 2 song of that year was a happenstance that I doubt we’ll ever see again.

Kimi no koto ga Suki Dakara was only the second generation of the group officially being called Undergirls. I have theories why the group was so well received. It was a newly introduced concept. The song was fantastic. As was the choreography. I’d like to think that the combined support for all those mid level members we love so much was able to push them to the top. But the more I look at the evidence, I feel like that wasn’t the case.

Ota Aika and Fujie Reina. Two of my favorite middle-tier members. I love them to death. I’d love for them to make the jump into the spotlight. They’re a staple of the Undergirls. But that’s exactly the point. They are always going to be at that level of popularity. The same with Sato Sumire, Nito Moeno, Nakagawa Haruka, Hirajima Natsumi, and possibly Miyazaki Miho.

I don’t know the goings on behind the scenes. Maybe they don’t have the best work ethic. Maybe their not very sociable with other members. Maybe there’s just something about them that doesn’t click with the majority of fans. I’ll never understand why they aren’t more popular. But for whatever reason, they are the constant. Never changing. Never faultering. But never sky rocketing either.

If this is the case, what then was the catalyst for the success of Kimi no koto ga suki dakara? If you look at the members list and rule out the aforementioned constants, then it’s pretty obvious the three anomalies. They were members that at the time were on a meteoric rise which had all three of them land in Media Senbatsu this year, two of the even passing up the likes of Miyazawa Sae.

Takajyo Aki, she ranked twelfth this year. It’s no surprise. Considered the darling center of that Undergirls generation, she made waves by winning thousands of fans. She was the fastest promoted new member and for good reason. Even at that time when my interest in AKB was waning, I still was able to recognize her as an up and coming new member. But what really surprised me were the two that passed her up.

Matsui Rena and Sashihara Rino. Both members I also I loved from the start and the two other crucial pieces to the success of Kimi no koto ga suki dakara. I know why I like them. But for some reason everyone else loves them too. Usually I find myself going against the grain with popular opinion, but with these two things just match up. I guess there’s something that’s universally appealing. Or at least appealing from a first glance.

Somehow these three girls got placed into Undergirls together and their combined fans were able to make a significant impact on the Request Setlist. After realizing this, I was a little saddened. Were my favorite mid-tier members doomed to obscurity? Did my support even really matter in the grand scheme of things? Of course they do. Come on guys, don’t be stupid.

But the possibilities of all this happening again is rare. Initially I saw chances of it happening again with Yagami Kumi in the mix, but after this years rankings, it seems a lot less likely. As I said in the beginning of my post, I doubt we’ll see the same set of circumstances come together but chances are it’s bound to eventually happen. Had Yokoyama Yui not risen so quickly she would have been part of making it happen. There’s a lot of potential for it to happen with the center of the new group NMB, Yamamoto Sayaka. Takayanagi Akane is surprisingly well received. But we’d still need a third…

Is there anyone from the new Undergirls that could fill the role?


22 Umeda Ayaka [11,860] 23 Takayanagi Akane [10,674] 24 Nakagawa Haruka [10,854] 25 Ota Aika [9,910] 26 Hirajima Natsumi [9,742] 27 Miyazaki Miho [9,271] 28 Yamamoto Sayaka [8,697] 29 Oya Shizuka [7,264] 30 Oya Masana [6,660] 31 Nito Moeno [6,288] 32 Komori Mika [6,120] 33 Hata Sawako [6,117] 34 Sato Sumire [5,438] 35 Oba Mina [5,411] 36 Suda Akari [5,343] 37 Maeda Ami [5,220] 38 Matsui Sakiko [5,020] 39 Ichikawa Miori [4,928] 40 Fujie Reina [4,698]

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