Getemono Ryori

At lunch yesterday, the head cook at the restaurant I’m working at pulled out a rather suspicious looking plate. It didn’t match the curry and chicken lunch he made for the staff, so I inquired as to what the segmented pieces were. He said they were some sort of insect that was used for making clothes. I didn’t think he was serious so I just laughed it off. Then he took a toothpick, skewered a couple pieces, and then handed it to me.

Being that I was put on the spot and wanting to look like a manly man, I tried it.

It wasn’t the greatest. It was more awkward than anything but what I would truly find interesting was the packaging…

I asked the cook where he was even able to purchase such a thing.

“The local Asian supermarket” he said.
“And you eat these regularly?” I inquired.
“Nah, they’re too expensive.” he responded.
“Plus they’re frozen, fresh ones taste better.”

He went to the back and came out with some packaging. But I noticed how it’s labeled.

On the back too, FROZEN GROUND CUCUMBER? Even the nutrition facts lead me to believe it’s not actually cucumber. Since when does cucumber provide 35 g of protein per serving?

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  1. They call it frozen ground cucumber, and it’s sold by a seafood company. Suspicious.

    It’s actually frozen silk worm pupae, blaugh.

  2. That’s some interesting looking cucumber. In all seriousness though, I’m pretty sure those are silkworms.

  3. It’s not the taste that matters to me, it’s usually the texture that ‘bugs’ me. Meh, I’m not sure if I would have tried them or not.

  4. Dude, if that’s cucumber, it’s gone of….. definatly something dodgey going on there, good effort for trying it though, I would be like, hell no!

  5. Hey, it’s kakuna from pokemon! :3

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