Get a Glimpse of the Next AKB48 Single

AKB48’s next entry coming on October 26th, ‘Kaze wa Fuiteiru'(The Wind is Blowing), surprisingly appeared in glimpses on a television program, revealing some dance shots and sections of the song.

As you can imagine, this is already right up my alley. While it’s not as hard-hitting or aggressive as ‘River’ or ‘Beginner’, it seems to have the same undeniably “cool” feeling that compliments them. The dresses probably would have worked better as a two-piece and I wish they weren’t monochrome, but the dark stockings and gothic-era headpieces add a nice and simple contrast. It’s also interesting that all the members have their hair tied back as well as their bangs, putting more emphasis on their faces. It’s definitely the most elegant I’ve seen from AKB’s single PVs, but I would have liked some more visual flair.

Hana from Nihongogo explained some of the dialogue from the clip, explaining that,

“The news reports on this so far mentioned that it’s a song written to “support the revival of the economy in the areas affected by the earthquake/tsunami”, and that, like all of their releases since then, part of the proceeds from the sales of this single will be donated.”

It’s an extremely limited look into what’s to come, but what do you guys think?


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  1. I’m……….not sure. I mean it’s a pretty limited view of the song and I don’t hate it or anything but I dunno, we’ll see I guess.

    The PV totally has me expecting them to break out a riverdance half way through or something. I don’t know why I thought this but it was the first thing that came to mind while watching the clips.

  2. I actually love the song so far. I’m very excited. I love the look of the PV. A dark setting with the girls’ costumes with washed out colours. The PV is filled with a mysterious melancholy that really catches your eye.

    But I still hope there is more to it. It will be quite boring if it just them dancing.

  3. I”ll need a little more time to adjust into this new look and song…
    I’m not getting my hopes up or down either until i see the final product. But overall, I’m getting a mixed feeling from this preview.

  4. More like Nanchatte Renai, amirite?

  5. “The news reports on this so far mentioned that it’s a song written to ‘support the revival of the economy in the areas affected by the earthquake/tsunami'”

    Personally, I was expecting the pv to be more uplifting, presentation wise. It feels pretty bleak and desolate which may be appropriate given the subject matter, but it wouldn’t hurt to have some bright, warm colors to represent some sort of reemergence of hope, right? I can’t understand the lyrics, but assuming this is a song of encouragement, I expect the pv to be able to convey those feelings on visuals alone. Since this is only a preview, there might be more to this pv than is shown here. My guess is that there will be a cool transition halfway through the PV where the girls change into bright, colorful costumes with the grey tarp in the background and the barren ground beneath them transfiguring into a setting that is full of green foliage and blue skies. The story of the PV could be an allegory of Japan shining through the tragedy. They suffered through the dark times when the earthquake/tsunami devastated their lives, hence the hopeless feeling the PV displays. Even so, just as any discouraging moment passes through our lives, we get back on our feet and move on towards a brighter tomorrow. Cue the costume and setting change with bright colors, and have the girls going from being serious faced idols to glowing with smiles of encouragement. At least, this is what I hope to see in the end result.

    As for the hair, it’s amazing how something so subtle can make such a huge impact. A lot of the girls are almost unrecognizable with their hair tied up like that. Shinoda Mariko, in particular, was completely unfamiliar to me when I initially watched the preview. I typically associate some of the girls, like Takamina, with a signature hairstyle. Seeing some of them tie their hair up like that is a nice change of pace. Placing emphasis on the face is a unique approach that works surprisingly well, imo. ‘Tis truly elegant indeed, Dae. ‘Tis truly elegant indeed.

  6. Is it worth listening to now or should I listen to it later? I mean I will hear it eventually but should I do it now?

  7. Song sounds cool-ish, perhaps missing some umph… can’t tell TOO much from this fragment though. Video looks whack… costumes look whack, hairstyles are lame. But everything tends to grow on me though. Hopefully in the actual video there’s a 2nd element/look to it. I dislike that hairpiece..

  8. Absolutely excited to hear the full release :3~.

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