GEM looking “Fine!” in their new music video!

The third Avex iDOL Street group, GEM (Girls Entertainment Mixture), recently released their latest music video on their YouTube channel. The song is called, “Fine! ~fly for the future~” and on March 23rd it will be the fifth single released by the group.

As fans on Twitter have stated, the song gives off an E-girls pop dance song-vibe. It definitely falls in line with GEM’s sound of EDM-influenced bubblegum pop songs and it’s something I can jam to.

For the PV itself, I have mixed reactions. I’m definitely loving the shoes that the girls are wearing in both costumes. The “Japan filter” is strong in the white background scenes. For those that don’t know, “Japan filter” is the endearing term we give to the incredibly washed out look we see in many Japanese music videos. Unfortunately, the mix of very low contrast, high bloom, and white outfits really washes out the whole scene and YouTube’s compressed 720p video doesn’t do it any favors. When the PV moves over to the black background scenes the much needed contrast is welcome, but the higher detail really loses its quality on YouTube and I’m really hoping to get a better viewing from a higher quality source. Last, but not least, at the climax of the song the video takes on a red hue and an epileptic light show ensues. I’m not sure how I feel about it, but I’m feelin’ the dance break.

On a scale of igloos to infernos, I give this a straight fiyah.

Find out more about GEM and where to buy their upcoming single on the GEM Official Website.

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