Garry’s “Things I Actually Liked” 2015

The Finale


So there we have it, the year that was 2015 and all of the groups that I personally enjoyed a great deal. There were a few others here and there that I also enjoyed, but I kinda had a limit of 10 write-ups in my head going in. Otherwise I would have been writing this thing for like a month straight, and it’s already going to be somewhere in the region of 10 thousand words when all is said and done. I guess this list could serve as some kind of “Top 10” if you really want it to, but it wasn’t written with that intention.

That being said, I’ll just briefly mention a few acts that weren’t mentioned in the main body of this article but still provided me with some enjoyable listening experiences this year. I’m pretty drained from this whole process so I promise this is going to be a brief thing, plus I also have some other stuff to talk about before I sign off here.

Okay so real quick, if all of the groups I’ve already talked about weren’t enough, here’s a couple more for you. I talked about pretty much every ex-BiS member’s new project (that would still be considered an idol act) except for POP and Terashima Yufu, both of which had some pretty decent musical efforts this year. I probably could/should have written more in-depth about both, but again I had a hard limit so stuff like this will happen.


Going in a pretty drastically different direction, I also enjoyed much of the output from both Passcode and Necronomidol. The former isn’t exactly breaking new ground in the “heavy metal” idol genre, but their songs are fun to listen to and that’s all that really matters. Necronomidol on the other hand are definitely breaking new ground, although it’s probably not with music that the average listener wants to hear. I’m European though, so that black metal thing is pretty much ingrained in me from a young age.


Finally, I don’t think I’d be okay with myself if I didn’t at least mention Especia in this write-up. 2015 wasn’t my favorite year from them musically but what they released was still pretty decent. They’re also still the best act in the game when it comes to that nostalgic 80s throwback aesthetic.

Like I said in my introduction, there was a lot of pretty lame and forgettable music in 2015 when it came to idols. I still managed to find a bunch of stuff I liked though, and hopefully all of you did too. Hopefully 2016 will be a bit more interesting but I guess if it’s only just as good as 2015 then that’ll be fine too.


What’s next for me in 2016 I hear maybe the one or two of you who’ve made it this far ask? I’m not really sure honestly. Like I said, school and work are kinda killing a lot of my free time outwith the summer months. That obviously makes it harder to write articles for you but there’s a couple other things that have been on my mind recently too that I guess I’ll share a little bit of right now.

To be honest, I’m not really sure what my role is in NSK these days. I hardly get to edit any articles anymore, for various reasons that aren’t really that important to explain. In the past even if I wasn’t able to put the hours in to write stuff, I could at least feel useful because I was doing editing passes on the majority of the content being posted on the site. Living vicariously if you will.

I also don’t podcast for NSK at all anymore. I have a lot of fun podcasting so it’s a shame that I went from doing it what? Once a week was it? To not doing it at all. Again, there’s various reasons for this which range from stuff like timezone differences to not really having any solid ideas for new shows. Its been a pretty creatively frustrating year for me.

So at the end of the day I’m an editor who doesn’t edit, a podcast personality who doesn’t podcast and a writer who struggles to find the time and I guess more importantly the motivation to write articles. It’s no secret I’m terrible with puff pieces, which is what This Week in Music became latterly and I can’t really just cast off all the shackles and maybe say all of the things I want to say all the time. I’m a pretty opinionated dude who either goes in hard or ends up not doing anything at all.

Basically I guess what I’m saying is I’m struggling to adapt to this…I guess it’s kind of a new direction that NSK is heading in. It’s no secret that we’ve done some things with Tokyo Girls Update recently, and there’s some other stuff in the pipeline that I’m sure is going to be really cool for you guys. The problem is, I just don’t know right now if it’s something I’m all that interested in. Plus, none of it involves writing, podcasting or editing on my part so I’m just hanging around not really doing anything right now.

The idea of buying some cheap hosting, a domain and starting my own little rinky dink website where I can just write about whatever has crossed my mind a decent amount lately. That way I could just do my own thing and not have to really worry about what I say or who’s okay with or not okay with it. The number of you who read my stuff on NSK when I do write is fairly low anyway so I probably wouldn’t even have to worry about killing my readership either.

I have to stress though, I haven’t decided on anything at this point in time. I’m just kinda mulling over both my feelings on some of the stuff I’ve mentioned above, as well as my options. I mean, I could just quit NSK and not waste my time and money on starting a new site considering Twitter has pretty killed most forms of longform media. That’s always an option.

Regardless of whatever I do end up deciding to do, I’m sure you’ll hear about it one way or another. It’s also going to be interesting to see how far my fellow NSK staff members read into this epic article, because I haven’t actually said any of this to them yet. You brave people got yourselves a scoop here.

Finally, I just want to thank all of you who take the time to read these dumb idol articles that I write. There aren’t a lot of you so you know who you are, and I really do appreciate the support. I know people aren’t big on leaving comments so if you want to tell me anything you thought about my picks or if you just want to shoot the breeze then send a tweet my way @Mage77. Apart from that, see ya later 2015 and let’s see what 2016 brings us.

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