I know alot of people who are fans of Niigaki Risa tend to like the pairing of Takahashi Ai and Niigaki.

Rightfully so, 5th Gen is my favorite Generation by far, and it isnt soley because of Gaki. The Bond that all 4 girls had in 5 gen in my opinion is by far the strongest throughout the generations. I was planning on doing a post revolving around the 5th gen so im going to keep it short and say that I am personally a TakaGaki fan.

But at a very close second is the GakiKame combo. These 2 girls bring out so much laughter and energy out of anyone in Morning Musume currently, what is there not to like about them?

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  1. I agree about the 5th gen members being very close. I also get the feeling that they’re more unified as a group. In the older generations they felt divided due to some of the members’ egos.

    Although, I’d say the older members are a lot closer now today, back then they were just straight up rivals. You could really see that when they were on shows like utaban. They always bickered over who got the most attention and camera time.

    Speaking of 5th gen members, I seriously miss Konno and Ogawa. Especially Konno though, her vocals in Namida ga Tomaranai Hokago is what really captivated me. Even though she’s not the best vocalist, she brought about this kind of sweet, innocent feel to that song.

    Anyways, Really looking forward to your post on 5th gen! xD

  2. Totally agree with you with your thoughts on the older generations. really up to the 4th gen you could tell each girl was craving for attention on tv shows and such. really the only one out of the bunch that really wasn’t vying for attention IMO was Rika. more so the reason why she is my favorite 4th gen member.

    Really 5th gen was the first generation that really you could tell their bond was tight. I agree with you that nowadays the OG members are pretty close with one another, but back then and still to this day, no other generation had such a strong bond as did 5 gen (maybe close second would be 2nd gen minus the sayaka)

    And I miss Konno as well! I hear she is preparing to become a Tokyo TV news reporter soon. It will be sad to see her leave H!P but it will be nice to know she will be more in the spotlight as a news reporter.

  3. Wow if that’s true, Konno becoming a news reporter is very interesting news! It seems like a natural fit, since she’s dabbled in that on hello morning news.

    Did you hear about the graduating members getting their own fan club separate from H!P? It’s called M-Line and it’s still a part of Upfront Agency, so they still have future plans in-store for the grad members!

    In fact, recently Rika, Yossie, and Tsuji did a tour together as a trio. It was like the 4th gen members back together again, minus Kago of course.

    They even had some of the M-Line girls on a special.

    oh here’s a link to the official fan club if you haven’t seen it already.

    It’s really great that Upfront Agency is still supporting them. I’m hoping for big things in the future for these girls.

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