From the Depths of King Records, the Beginner PV Surfaces.

I was discussing with Atron yesterday about the possibility of AKS finding a new distributor for the cancelled ‘Beginner’ PV, or that King Records would maybe distribute it a while after its release after the hullabaloo died down. It seemed like a long shot; since when do things like this actually work out? Pipe dreams.  Well I get to eat my words again(gladly), as there was an announcement on the King Records site.

It basically says the original, uncut PV will be distributed through a digital means on Recochoku, downloadable through cell-phone. None of us can actually get this directly of course, needing a Japanese cellphone and all, but there’s an almost guaranteed chance of it getting leaked out to us foreign fans. They call this music video the “Music Clip Original Version”, I guess to sit along side the “Dance Version” posted yesterday. It is set to release the same day as the single’s release, this October 27th.

Needless to say, I’m extremely relieved that it will be distributed. Now that the news is out, it’s easy to say “of course it happened, they wouldn’t let a music video go to waste”, but in AKB fandom, nothing is predictable; crazier things have happened. The situation is still less than ideal by the abomination that is the ‘Dance Version’, which is what most people will see, but I’m easily satisfied so I’ll take in all the good for now.

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