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Here for the first time in NSK … our very own English  sub, AKB48’s Flying Get PV!

FG[Eng Sub] by BeatSherlock

We hope to bring you more translations to come your way as times and single releases allow (done in-house and hardsubbed for ease of viewing!).

Enjoy, let us know if you have a particular single in mind for the next one, and we’ll try and shoot it your way.



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  1. This is… oh my, thank you for this.

    If you’d be so kind, it would be great if could translate Happiness’s One More Time. There is no actual PV for the song since it’s a b-side for the single, Friends. But, I would appreciate it if you translated the lyrics into english. :D

  2. Very nice job with the subs…I would love to see an English sub of AKB’s recent appearance on Sanma no Manma. I haven’t yet found one.

  3. I actually have downloaded Flying Get video, but not the full version. So, even though it’s subbed but is it the full version or short version?

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