‘Flying Get’ Covers… What?

AKB48’s latest single ‘Flying Get’ has released their covers recently, and they’re…surprising to say the least:

Type A:

Type B:

Theater Version:

I actually kind of like Type A and the Theater Version; Looking at clips of the PV, it seemed to have an old-school kung-fu movie vibe, and I’ve always been a sucker for vintage asian movie posters. It just took me by surprise because they’re different from any idol cover I’ve seen, really. I think the Theater version has a stronger composition, so that’s probably the one I’ll get— if not both.

But what happened to Version B? Somehow, AKS pulled out the most by-the-books, boring cover since ‘Iiwake Maybe’. The saturated red and blue type doesn’t contrast well with the predominately gold color either. And are there no different covers for the regular versions vs the limited ones?

One thing’s for sure, ‘Flying Get’ is probably one of the more divisive singles by AKB yet. From the song and costumes to the covers, fans really seem to be split on this one. I still can’t wait to check out the PV, and see if the acclaimed director of ‘Beck’ can pull out something great for this song.


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