I beat you Tron.

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  1. Lol, I remember the year of the rooster. I don’t know if this was related, but back in 2005, burger king was promoting chicken fries with a band dressed in rooster costumes called, Coq Roq. You’ve got quite the room, David. Every corner is lined with cool posters, lovely artwork, manga, games, and more. Never a dull moment in your room, eh? Very nice pop’n music setup in your closet. I had a similar setup when I was younger, but not out of consideration for others. I did it because it felt like I was batman in his secret batcave… playing video games. I especially admire how your bed is situated next to the window. Not only do you get to wake up to the morning sun, but whenever it’s hot at night, you also get to crack open the window to get a cool breeze that is directly faced towards you. I’m assuming you furnished the room yourself and figured that a twin-sized bed would fit perfectly in the corner. Good eye, David. One architect’s unorthodox design is another man’s perfectly situated bed space.

  2. ObnoxiousRelay

    Interesting stuff. I want alot of those posters. >.>

  3. Man, your friend’s artwork is really nice. Sweet setup, it’s pretty rad. Now I don’t feel so bad for having some of the things I have in my room as well.

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