First Impressions: ‘Koi ni Booing Boo!’ Covers

So in short, it’s a disjointed set of covers utilizing pig noses, pig ears, poker suits, funeral clothes, bursting out of hat boxes while wearing pig noses and ears, and a really sleazy-looking mascot pig.


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  1. What.the.fuck? I wonder how this idea was even pitched let alone approved. Did someone just go “Hey, you know what’d be cool? Why don’t we dress the girls up in pig ears and pig snouts? I’m sure the fans will love it!”

    Oh Hello! Project, you so crazy!

  2. If you look at the very last album cover (regular edition) very closely, their formation looks like a pigs face. The lids are the ears and the white space makes up the eyes and the nose… or maybe I’m just over-thinking it.

  3. I have a feeling that the ‘Buu’ thing has something to do with pigs.. maybe it’s the phonetic sound they use in Japan?

    I know it makes no real sense,. but in England we use “oink” which doesn’t either.

    I think this, because the B-side to C-ute’s Kiss Me Aishiteru has lots of pig noises in it, and the noticeable word of the use “buu” just before it at one point (I don’t have the lyrics, or their translation, so I’m working from what I hear)

    Just a guess, but yeah, I love the pig accessories! :D

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