Everyone, Please Rise…

… Lower your hats and give a moment of silence for the departing.

I’m sure this is too hard for Atron to deal with, let alone write about, right now; so I’ll be the one to break the news on this site. An idol with an incredible tenure is leaving next next year. To some of us, she was the greatest idol to ever grace the planet. To others, she was the last remaining member of the golden age. To me, she was a cute girl with terrible fucking taste in hairstyles.

Whatever she was to you, Niigaki Risa of Morning Musume is leaving next spring, and there’s nothing we can do about it. It was quite sudden, as Takahashi Ai’s graduation is still fresh in our minds— probably because it happened just three damn months ago. In just the span of a little more than a year, four Morning Musume members have left us, and now it’s time for the Niigaki to take her leave.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think Niigaki and Takahashi were silently playing a game of “who’s going to graduate first”, and now that she won she just wants the get the hell out, but that’s beside the point. With Michishige Sayumi now at the helm as the leader, Morning Musume now enters a new world. Will it be better or worse from here on? I can’t say, but honestly, it’s not a tough act to follow after putting out a single where everyone is dressed as young chickens.

You may now put your hats back on.


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  1. Man, fuck me.
    Unless they put out some semi quality singles (which I highly doubt knowing how Tsunku works) after that train wreck Pyoko Pyoko Ultra and do something with the talent they picked up with 10th gen, I’m jumping ship. There’s nothing else for me in this damn group and it’s sad. Even S/mileage has picked themselves up and done decently since the addition of their new members and graduation of 2 of their best.

  2. I figured this would happen. It’s inevitable that, as the girls get older, they would want to venture into new experiences. It’s sad to see Niigaki go when she had only just become leader of the group, but she’s had a good run.

    Anyone else getting the slight feeling that Tsunku is trying to emulate the line up of momusu when Iida Kaori was leader? Around that time, the arrival of 4th and 5th gen decreased the average age of the group with the younger members greatly outnumbering the older members. Conversely, we have a similar situation with the inclusion of 9th and 10th gen members. With the addition of younger members, we also saw a shift from a relatively mature image to a much more younger, more genki-type image.

    Back then, there were times when Kaori expressed how she felt clumsy and ill-equipped as a leader. Now, it seems that Sayu has found herself in a similar role. I just think it’s interesting how the past and present are beginning to mirror one another.

  3. As soon as Ai-chan left i already knew that Niigaki was planning to leave, but i really think this announcement is too soon. Some people still have open wounds from Ai’s graduation and this just kind of made it worse. She sure was my favorite out of all of the members, aside from Ai-chan, and I will surely do my best to support her and Morning Musume.

    I cannot guarentee how Morning Musume will do after her departure, but all i can say is that it will never be the same. So let’s try to make this the best year for her yeah?

  4. Well, this was going to happen eventually but it’s sad. She was a cute girl and we’re all going to miss her. Her departure means a whole new Morning Musume. I hope Tron’s okay. :/

  5. Gaki’s graduation, well we knew it was coming right? But this soon, I could of expected it this year but after the fall concerts not the spring ones.

    If the rumors about the apparent joint garduation with Ai are true then it is a shame that didn’t happen, it would of been more fitting than an odd 3-4 month period on her own…

    Maybe. just maybe however it was those God awful duck/chicken outfits that did it, Man, talk about a single to go out on……

    Sayu as leader of MM though? That could quite simply be epic!!!

    • She said she’s wanted to go for about a year now, and thought she would graduate with Ai. But then the 10th gen auditions were announced, so she decided she’d stay and help them on their feet once they came in. So, yeah, if 10th gen weren’t announced when they were, she, 9 times out of 10, probably would’ve had a joint grad with her.

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