UP UP GIRLS (kakko kari) – 5th Album (kari) (5th Album)

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UP UP GIRLS (kakko kari) – 5th Album (kari) (5th Album)

June 19, 2018

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First release of the new organization “5th album (provisional)” released!

One piece that will be the current Apuga (provisional) decision board which recorded 10 songs of all songs!
Yasuko Omori, THE Inazuma squadron, etc. are in charge of music production.

Since “4th album (tentative)” which was released as the last seven people organization including graduation members in August 2017, it is released now without waiting for one year
Is one piece that can be said to be the decision board of the current system of up-up girls (temporary) which became five people including ten new songs. Last November
Except for the single “Lady Daejima / Be a Girl” who advocated the return to origin, it became a group of songs created for this work, and up girls (provisional) Saw
Michitomo, who served as a producer and producer of many songs, based on electro sound, femininity of Apgua (tentative) Adults
Ryuichi Kawasaki who has produced many songs expressing ぽ さ, and Yasuko Omori who can also be an ally songwriting songwriting, two songs so far
Eve and so on, the genres are different, the souls in the roots are mutually stimulating and it can also be said that the songs by THE Inazuma squadron
Is realizing the first tag with the sacred cuddly vocal & guitar child, following the Apuga (provisional) sound so far, it is currently not yet
One album that you can enjoy the next Apuga (Tentative) has been completed.
Upgrade girls (tentative) that also starts the live-house tour “Up-up Girls (Tentative) 7th Anniversary Tour – Still Goes On !!
Still, please pay attention to the appearance of up-up girls (temporary) that will continue running as a live idol “Apgua”.

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Track List Information
CD Track List

2.唇はナイフ(作詞:ヒワタリスツカ/作曲・編曲:Ryuichi Kawasaki)
4.Be a Girl(作詞:ヒワタリスツカ/作曲・編曲:Ryuichi Kawasaki)
5.最高シャイガール(作詞:児玉雨子/作曲:michitomo/編曲:KOJI oba)
6.Lady→GO!(作詞:菊池諒・ヒワタリスツカ/作曲・編曲:Dr USUI)
7.Fighting Girls(作詞:田中秀典/作曲・編曲:春尾ヨシダ)
8.ナイトフライト(作詞:ヒワタリスツカ/作曲・編曲:Ryuichi Kawasaki)
10.PROMISE TRAIN(作詞:SHIN/作曲・編曲:彦田元気)



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