Up Up Girls (2) – Zenbu seishun! / Angel enjite 20-nen (4th Single)

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Up Up Girls (2) – Zenbu seishun! / Angel enjite 20-nen (4th Single)

August 8, 2018

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プロデューサーつんく♂氏を迎え、3 作連続のCDリリースをする事発表!第一弾は8月7日に自身4枚目となるシングルとして発売!!
アップアップガールズ(2)は、2016 年11 月より行われた「夢を諦められない」という募集要項のもと開催された「アップアップガールズ(2)オーディション」
に参加し、約750 名の中から選ばれた高萩千夏、吉川茉優、鍛治島彩、橋村理子、中沖凜の5 名で2017年2月に結成、今年4 月に行われた初のワンマンライブにて
新メンバー中川千尋、佐々木ほのかの2 名が加入した7 人組アイドルグループ。アップアップガールズ(仮)の熱さ、激しさは踏襲しながらも、アプガ(2)は王道
アイドル路線を突き進んでおり、ガールズポップスの第一人者でもあるつんく♂氏によるサウンドプロデュース楽曲を3 作連続で収録する事が決定致しました。

「エンジェル演じて20 年」はアップアップガールズ(2)のデビュー作から支える児玉雨子(作詞)michitomo(作曲)タッグが制作。これまでより深さを見せる新しい
デビューより2 年目の夏を迎えるアップアップガールズ(2)のCDリリース、初のツアー開催と益々加速を見せるアップアップガールズ(2)に是非ご注目下さい。

Apgua sister unit, up-up girls (2)
3 works Continuous Tsunku ♂ Sound Produce CD release including songs is decided!
The first single will be released August 7, 2018!

Up Up girls (kari) sister group, Up Up girls (2) (reading: Kakkoniki), musicians, comprehensive entertainment
Producer Tsunku ♂ is welcoming, announcing that they release three consecutive CDs! The first bullet will be released on August 7 as a fourth single that will be herself! !
Up-up Girls (2) is “Up-up Girls (2) Audition” which was held under the recruitment requirement “I can not give up dreams” which took place in November 2016
He participated in the event, formed in February 2017 by five people, Takahagi Chinatsu, Yoshikawa Matsuteri, Kirika Isao, Hashimiri Riko, Nakaoki Shima, selected from about 750 people, the first one man to be held in April this year Live
New member Nakagawa Chihiro and Sasaki Honoka joined the 7-person idol group. Aps (2) is a royal road while following the heat and severity of the up-up girls (provisional)
It has decided to record three sound production songs by Mr. Tsunku ♂ who is progressing idle route and the guru pops guru but also three consecutive works continuously.

This work by Mr. Tsunku ♂ “All Youth!” Is the lyrics and the rock sound that strikes the girls living in the youth midst of the title as a whole. Mr. Tsunku to Apgua (2)
It is powerful feeling that I felt, a song full of running performance that struck out the straightness all the way.
“Angel acting 20 years” is produced by Takago Kodama Ryoko (lyrics) michitomo (composition) which supports from the debut work of up-up girls (2). New to show depth more than ever
You can see a glimpse of one side.
Furthermore, the first single tour is held from September this year! We will perform all five performances including the member’s local locality, including the first triumph about Chiba, Toyama, Fukushima and Akita.
Please pay attention to the CD release of up-up girls (2) who will celebrate the summer of the second year from debut, upgrade girls (2) which will show the acceleration for the first time with the first tour holding.

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Single, maxi

Single, maxi
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CD Track List

01. 全部青春! 
02. エンジェル演じて20年  
03. 全部青春!(Instrumental) 
04. エンジェル演じて20年(Instrumental)

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